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A wee day at the farm.

Evening folks! Thursday of the first week of the holidays and it’s been a strange sort of week, with finding out about S needing to have an operation, to dipping our toes in the sea, to trying out the new Ashvale Farm Shop, to the hubster being in 3 days at work, (he’s a teacher, I was expecting him to be home all week) the week has been a busy one! Isn’t it amazing how the weather just ‘makes’ it though?! When the sun is out, a normal day out becomes a great day out.

Wanted to share with you our little trip to the farm last weekend. I had exchanged my Tesco clubcard vouchers for ‘Days out vouchers’, I’m sure there is a more official name for it, but I can’t remember what exactly they are called. Basically at the time that you were able to double your points, I doubled mine and exchanged them for vouchers. Loooong story, simply to say we got into the farm for free 🙂 Usually it is £20 for a family ticket.

The Ark farm has been a bit of a favourite with me for a while now. I have taken my little P1’s at Christmas time on a class trip and now we have spent lots of happy days there as a family. If you want to find out more about what all you can do there, take a wee peek at their website.

On Saturday we were very fortunate that the sun was out in all it’s shiny glory!  We spent an hour looking at and cuddling and feeding the animals and then four hours picnicking and playing in the outdoor adventure play area!  To be fair you could spend longer with the animals, but we are fortunate that we have cows just outside our house, and horses in the field nearby, our neighbours chicken frequently come for a visist, so I guess J,S and L were a bit like, “yeah, yeah mum it’s a cow!” But there are lots of animals to meet and they are all very tame and friendly. Below are some snaps from our day….really should invest in a decent camera…but until I win the lottery, my phone will have to do 😉

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One thought on “A wee day at the farm.

  1. Ah it looks like a great day out and I love the photos. We love going to our local farm too, although there is a big soft play there and my biggest girl usually ends up wanting to go on the slides than look at the animals. 😉


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