A new room!

Busy, busy, busy! That’s how I feel – it’s all go at the moment, what with days out, tidying up, clearing out and rearranging nearly every room in the house! I haven’t been very good at getting around to writing on the old blog :/ A few of you guys have been asking me about little L’s room…it’s not quite finished yet, still a few pictures to add to frames and bits and bobs to finish off, but hey I’ll let you all see it now 🙂 You’ll forgive the dirty mirrors and wrinkled bed sheets, I like to keep it real around here 😉

Okey dokey, so, here we go….probably should have taken the pictures on a sunny day, probably should have taken more arty farty type pictures too, but hopefully you’ll get the idea 🙂 I love her wee room and so does she, I hope these piccies do it justice…..

You can see her flower lights – I think they feature in a LOT of little girl bedrooms 🙂

Her toddler bed, her dolls bed and her armchair for relaxing and reading books.10413411_10150418556924957_7440738289030117037_n


Then she’s got her storage unit for easy access to all her favourite toys and books. She’s also got some little keepsakes on the top – the doll she got for her 1st birthday, a little trinket box for her dedication, her first musical jewellery box and her first proper pair of shoes.984144_10150418556859957_1164351555361035315_n


Above that on a high shelf is Snow White and the 7 dwarfs. This was my favourite film growing up, I once played Bashful in a school production 🙂 Santa brought L Snow White for Christmas and a lovely friend passed on the gorgeous little dwarfs. I’m a little protective over these toys at the moment – hence the shelf!10403378_10150418556979957_3705330823935693602_n

In one corner of her room, is another storage unit for other toys and books with her favourite ones being easily accessible on the lower shelves.10478164_10150418556784957_2925299630886466900_n


In another corner, is the much adored kitchen and her built in wardrobe – man those things are great! We have hidden things away in there, which you will see in the next picture!10485366_10150418556724957_3274661927839280129_n


10561567_10150418556694957_1791729066985369056_nHa!! Yes, so it ain’t that tidy in there is it?? Whoops! Oh well, no-one really sees in here anyway! There’s a shelf to help with more storage 🙂 Can you tell I love a bit of storage?! One of those canvas shelf clothes things (what are they called?!), and her purple laundry basket.

Here’s a little picture of her big girl bed – thankfully the move has been successful and she hasn’t looked back since. 



So there we have it, a little whistle stop tour of L’s new room 🙂 I’m all pleased with how it has turned out. She has plenty of storage for all her little bits and pieces and hopefully it is a room that will grow with her 🙂 Thanks to all those who gave me some tips for where to get toddler bedding – Asda came up trumps – I can’t resist a bargain!!



6 thoughts on “A new room!

  1. Aw what a gorgeous little room, even I would love to sleep there. I love the seven dwarfs all lined up and her bedding is the cutest! You did such a good job. xx


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