One small step for son, one giant leap for mummy!

For 8 years I was the teacher who welcomed the little ones at the door of school. I adored how cute they all were in their uniforms and their wee cutesie voices, some with wee lisps. Adorable. I had a little chuckle to myself, dare I say it, I may have even thought, “catch a grip”, at the mums who cried.  I expected the kids to be able to put their shoes on, socks on, jumpers on, why on earth would they not be able to do that, they were in school now???

Yet today, I was the mummy. I was the mummy who has cried on and off all summer at the thought of her son going to school. I was the mummy who worried about, whether or not someone would help him if he got his shoes on the wrong feet or got tangled up in his jumper. I was the mummy who wondered, would the teacher realise that he does get shy and awkward in new situations. Would she have time to listen to his chats, would she make sure he had someone to play with in the playground, be his partner in PE??

I was the mummy who just about held it together as she said goodbye, but spent the next 3 hours counting down the minutes until I could go and ‘rescue’ him again.

He on the other hand loved it and can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

So, MY son has started school. MY little boy. He has taken that first little step of independence.  A giant step for me. He told me at lunch,  “I took a tumble today Mum. But I was ok, Mrs. C helped me feel better”. And he may as well have stabbed me with a knife!! (I know, a little dramatic!) But, for 4 and a half years I have been this little boys everything and I have to admit it hurts that someone else gets to share those wee moments now too.

But, hey, doesn’t he look handsome?

Jonah p1

Now, here’s a few out-takes….

DSC_0149 DSC_0140


12 thoughts on “One small step for son, one giant leap for mummy!

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I teach P2 (but have been on a career break since my youngest was born). My eldest started school last year. It was def harder on me than him. He loved it from the start & the fact he was happy & ready for it all made it easier for me in time. Your little man still needs you lots & the letting go process is hard but we let them go knowing God goes with them. I now have a greater level of empathy for the parents who will linger at my classroom door during those first few days of the school year. That’s been me too! Hugs Juanita

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  2. I remember feeling like this with my elder children. My youngest starts nursery next week and I’m starting it all again. It never gets easier!! You son looks very grown up and handsome. I’m sure he is very proud of how well you have coped with his absence 😉 #familyfriday


  3. I remember all to well this feeling when my eldest started school, it never gets easier! Your son looks very grown up and handsome. I’m sure he is very proud of how you’ve coped in his absence! 😉 #familyfriday


  4. Ahhhh he’s such a cutie! I’m finding it so hard to come to terms with my little man being a school kid!!!! I sometimes think that being a teacher makes it harder or certainly no easier as we know how much is expected of them at school but I keep reminding myself that the teacher knows what she’s doing just like you and I have done over the years and I also remind myself to trust my little buddy, he is well able to look after himself in as much as newly turned 5 yr old can! I’m still a little heart broken though that my little guy is out there in the big bad world lol !!!! Xxx

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  5. Aww, he looks adorable in his uniform. My wee man started p2 on Monday then my youngest started p1 on Tuesday, and I was devastated, and spent the morning like you, literally counting the minutes until i could go and rescue them!x


  6. Ahhh bless he looks so handsome and very excited about going to school. I love that in the UK you all have uniforms no matter what. I always wanted to wear a uniform. lol Silly I know. I am like this already and Buba starts next september. I can’t imagine how I will be when it gets closer. lol Emotional wreck! lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. It’s my first week back in the UK and my one year blog birthday so it’s very busy busy in the LTM household. I am hosting giveaways everyday this week so a bit behind on commenting. So sorry. #sharewithme


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