Feeling a little p’inspired!

Around this time last year,  I set myself a ‘Wardrobe Challenge’. If you haven’t read about it, do a little search for it in the sidebar and you can catch up 😉  I’ve decided to set myself another ‘Wardrobe Challenge’ this time involving Pinterest. You see, I take little notions for Pinterest and go mad some evenings and ‘pin’ like crazy. Trouble is, I hardly ever do anything with those things that I have pinned. So, for this challenge, I am going to try to recreate each of the outfits that I have pinned using items that are already in my wardrobe! Sounds easy, right?

I’m hoping that it’s going to help me out a little. I’ve been in a bit of a rut with my clothes lately and truth be told I have had a few minor meltdowns. Us women are hard on ourselves, really aren’t we? You can read all these posters about “being proud that this body has housed 3 babies”, and think, “yeah, you’re right, go me. I’m a tiger who has earnt her stripes”, but deep down, for me anyway, there’s always a little part of me, that goes, “yukky” at certain bits!!

I’ve written before of how I feel it is important to make an effort for my hubster in how I look. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to come home to something that looks like it’s been trailed through a hedge backwards. So, I do like to make a bit of an effort on most days – even if it is just a splash of perfume.  Recently I’ve kinda lost my way a bit, so with this challenge I’m hoping I’ll fall in love all over again with my wardrobe, regain some confidence and get an extra big  kiss when hub comes home 😉

I think I’ll check in midweek with this little slot and let you all see how I’m getting on. Please do join in with some comments on what you like or don’t like 🙂

Let’s get started, 2 outfits for you this week. First up the pins and then me! Hee hee!!

White pants, grey, pop of color.

Denim and skinnies

denim shirt


Two nice simple outfits to get me started! Sorry the pictures are such  poor quality and headless!  I will try harder for next week. Today I am wearing the denim shirt outfit and my face and hair and not fit for internet publication! Till next week folks……

4 thoughts on “Feeling a little p’inspired!

  1. Yay! So excited to follow this little series – I love a bit of fashion, as you know! 🙂 You always look so lovely K, but I love your idea of using Pinspiration – I’d never have thought of Pinterest for fashion. I must look it up! Xxx


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