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P’inspiration #2

Evening folks. So a week has passed since my little wardrobe challenge began. It’s been fun and has made me feel a little better about getting dressed in the mornings. Sometimes you just get stuck in a little rut and you need something, anything to get you out of it.

It has been a big week too, S went for his pre – op assessment, if you haven’t already check out my post, “mummy knows best” to get caught up on that bizz! He should be having it within the next 4 weeks. He also started pre-school on Tuesday and I have been totally down in the dumps ever since. Monday I spent the whole day feeling pensive and so sad that the end of an era was very much upon me. I had got used to having 3 little ankle snappers constantly around all day every day and I just cannot believe that those days are now behind us! Just where does the time go, eh? I intend to make the most of the next year with my little girl and embrace all the tantrums and raisins and potty training and Organix snacks!

So onto, what I’ve been wearing this week. I am totally struggling with this whole warm weather thing that is going on at the moment. I am roasting but it just seems wrong to be in short sleeved tops and bare toesies in September!!

Sporty, created by honeybee20 on Polyvore love all but the jumper

Camo skinnies . LOVE it! @Kirsten Wehrenberg-Klee Wehrenberg-Klee Lyle!!!!

jeans + white top

Now, my interpretation of these…..




And then this wasn’t actually inspired by anyone particular thing on Pinterest, I just thought I’d give it a whirl!


Nothing particularly interesting or note worthy really, but it has made getting ready in the mornings a little bit more of an adventure!

In other news, I got J’e eyes tested and he needs glasses! Would highly recommend you get your little ones eyes tested, especially if they have just started school.  I know they get them checked by the school nurse, but I think a more thorough examination at the opticians does no harm. There’s only so much the lady can pick up in a wee 5/10 min check!

Tomorrow I’m having a little bit of surgery, so if you get a wee chance would you say a wee prayer for me 🙂

AND apologies to those lovely bloggers who have sent me little blog award – thank you so much! And I will get around to fulfilling those very soon.

3 thoughts on “P’inspiration #2

  1. Oh I love your white top – pretty pretty! 🙂 Hope wee S got on well this week – my word, it’s been all change in your house too! Thinking of you tomorrow chicken, and saying wee prayers xx


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