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Autumn Bucket List for families.

It’s that time of year again when I share with you our Bucket List for the most beautiful season, (in my opinion!),  Autumn.

Crunch and jump in piles of leaves.

Plant daffodil bulbs to enjoy in Spring.

Visit a Farmers Market.

Decorate pumpkins.

Make a scarecrow – we will definitely be recreating Harry and Betty from The Scarecrows Wedding.

Go for long walks and bike rides in beautiful places.

Visit Starbucks + Costa for a seasonal favourite!

Make caramel apples.

Create a Thankful tree.

Make leaf prints.

Make apple prints.

Make apple tart and apple crumble.

Make some Autumn playdough.

Fly a kite.

Bob for apples.

Go to a ‘Light party’.

Watch some Fireworks.

Camp out in the back garden – star gazing, toasting marshmallows and telling stories around a fire.

Go on a hike in Tullymore and have a picnic.

Go on a nature / scavenger hunt.

Decorate our front porch and fireplace for the beautiful season.

Go to PumpkinFest at Castle Ward.

What about you, what do you like to get up to in Autumn?

Have you anything for us to add to our list?

9 thoughts on “Autumn Bucket List for families.

  1. Ah I love these ideas, thanks for jotting them down. You have given me some ideas for my little family too. I love Autumn although I will be sad to say goodbye to Summer. xx


    1. I’m so glad you found a little inspiration Katie 🙂 From reading your gorgeous posts of all that you have been up to this summer, I can totally understand why you would be sad to say goodbye! But just think of all the snuggly goodness of Autumn to come 🙂 xx


  2. Aww, such a fab list Karen! I adore Autumn – everything about it – and especially love your idea of a ‘thankful’ tree (totally going to do that!) and the scarecrows too. We have been loving The Scarecrows Wedding! Really love this! Xxx


  3. We’ve never read the scarecrows wedding, but I’ve a feeling we need to rectify that!!! I spent some (I.e. Way too much) time in good ole Pinterest this evenin looking at surumn/harvest crafts… I always say I’m goin to make more of a deal of it-maybe this year I’ll carry out my threat! Love your ideas 😊


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