He’ll be able to hear the grass grow now!

So, it finally happened. S got his operation. And what a day and build up to that day it was. But it is over now, we are out the other side and there are sighs of relief all round.

Was it as bad as I thought it was going to be? YES. Maybe worse if I’m honest. It was the whole putting him to sleep part that got me. It broke me. Totally broke me. I would say I’m a pretty strong person, I don’t cry that easily. I tend to keep a stiff upper lip. But yesterday that stiff upper lip was all a quiver.

I hadn’t slept very much the night before, and was awake from 3am just waiting for the alarm to go. S woke up VERY excited and shouting, “I’m getting my ears fixed today!” Bless him. He too was delighted that the day had finally arrived. As we travelled down in the car, the wee mite talked and talked and talked and I kinda sat in silence. Daddy had to sound excited about the Autumn trees and planes and buses and lorries and reassure S that Granny would still be at home when he was finished at the hopistal!

Now, I have to say I didn’t do an awful lot to ‘prepare’ S for going into hospital. We had read a lovely wee book about Topsy and Tim and their visit to hospital and S had picked out new pyjamas and a jigsaw for his visit. But other than that I hadn’t really talked about what was going to happen, other than to tell him that Dr. T was going to fix his ears so that they wouldn’t be sore anymore. I know people would maybe argue and say that this was wrong. But I felt it was the right thing to do for our wee S. I didn’t want him worrying about it  I didn’t want him to panic when he saw the ‘magic cream’ or the gas mask. I just hoped that he would feel secure enough with us with him on the day to just let things happen.

And he was BRILLIANT. He did everything the nurse and doctors asked him to do without any problems. It was a real answer to prayer and can only really be explained by God at work. The nurses couldn’t believe how relaxed and calm and co-operative he was for being so young.  He took his medicine, got his magic cream, put his wee thumb into the machine all with a smile on his face. And after each wee ‘thing’ he gave me a big thumbs up!

S was first on the list that day so we didn’t have long to wait when we arrived at the hospital. When it was his time I carried him up to the room while daddy waited. The anaesthetist was a lovely man, with such a gentle and calming demeanour. He was excellent with both S and me (!) and very quickly little S was ‘gone’ and I left him in the hands of the experts. And the tears came……

1 hour later my little brave, brave soldier was back with us. He was a little weepy and disorientated for the first hour. But after that he was back to his wonderful chirpy wee form, and claiming, “it’s very noisy in here mummy”. AMAZING. We were in a practically silent hospital ward, but I guess when you’ve only been hearing approx 30% of the world for so long, even someone walking past with a rattly old trolley can seem noisy!

So, we are home minus some adenoids but having gained some vents. And without any exaggeration he is a different wee boy already. He is on cloud 9 and can hear everything. His ears aren’t sore anymore and I don’t think I’ve heard a “huh” since Tuesday night! He slept ALL night last night and is literally bouncing this morning 🙂

The staff at The Royal were just amazing yesterday with us. We couldn’t have asked for better.  If anyone is waiting on a similar operation for their child I hope that this reassure you a little. Yes, it will be difficult and you will find it all very emotional, but know that you do not go alone. God held me up yesterday and carried us all safe and secure in His huge strong arms. He took care of the big things and the little things, to S not asking for breakfast straight away when he woke (for the first time ever!!) to him not fighting or struggling with the gas to him sailing though the operation and recovery time.

Now, it is onwards and upwards for our wee S – he can hear the grass grow now 😉

Some pics from yesterday….

     10665212_10150440536694957_5651447423995657313_n 10671248_10150440536779957_1005946205736379272_n

As you can tell he was pretty excited going in!!


A wee snuggle post operation.

10639400_10150440536814957_9015287687477762076_n 1379638_10150440536859957_5383542631802790509_n

Then it was time for a bounce and a play sesh!


What is it about NHS toast??!


A happy boy and a VERY HAPPY, RELIEVED MUMMY!!!

5 thoughts on “He’ll be able to hear the grass grow now!

  1. Oh I’m so glad it all went OK Karen! I remember feeling exactly the same way with Noah. It is so hard to leave them, and I had to let Andrew do the whole anaesthetic bit. I was in pieces! So glad that wee S is feeling so much better now though. Bless him, what a wee star! Xxx

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