Family life

It was then that I carried you.

As we say, ‘so long’ to September and ‘let’s be having ya’ to October I feel the need to sit down, relax, take a few deep breaths and let out a great big *sigh*. What a month it has been – with some highs and some, not lows, but some really tough moments.

We have had 3 members of the family in for surgery,

our 84 year old Granny fell and broke her hip and wrist trying to see Hugo Duncan! True story.


I had a bit of work done myself! (this is all the photographic evidence there is for that!)

And our little S bear got some vents and his adenoids out.


2 of my little chicks have left my nest for a big chunk of the day,

and myself and another girl have started a new kids ministry in our church on a Sunday morning, which has been received in many different ways!!

Way back at the beginning of the year I wrote a post, “Immanuel“, (interestingly 2 of the 3 having surgery featured in this post too!) speaking of how God had been with us at that time. The post finishes with me reminding myself that no matter what we would face in the year ahead God would be with us, and how true this has been this September.

As I look back on all that has happened this month I’m amazed I’m still standing and with not ONE SINGLE panic attack in sight. Dare I say it, not even 1 heart palpitation! (I say that with both a bit of sarcasm and seriousness!! ) But I can only say that, because Immanuel, God was with me.

HE carried me.


 So, so long September, you were a bit of a tough one on the old emotions, but we survived you and we are changed physically, spiritually, emotionally.

And as a family…we’re tighter than ever 😉

(I realise I look ROUGH as here, but it was less than a week after my op….that’s my excuse anyway!! )

7 thoughts on “It was then that I carried you.

  1. I’m so happy to hear that September turned out alright for you! 🙂 I saw a comic strip the other day – cartoon Jesus had his arm around cartoon man and said “See those single footprints? That was when I carried you.” “See that long gouge in the sand? That was when I pulled you dragging and screaming.” 🙂 I thought that pretty much applied to a good portion of my life!


  2. Oh goodness pet, it has been an eventful month for you all! Really hoping that October is calmer, and full of good health and family times that don’t involve hospitals!! Xxx


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