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Picnics, pumpkins….pensive.


This weekend saw the annual Pumpkin Fest at National Trust Castle Ward, and as always it lived up to all expectations and more! J and S remembered the day from last year and were really looking forward to it and little L was very excited about all the wonderful ‘pumptkins’. (I love toddler chat!)

After a bit of a rain filled week we were delighted to see some glorious Autumn sunshine on Saturday morning; with wellie boots and picnic packed we set off, ready to soak up some Autumnal goodness.

Now, we love our ‘wee’ Safira. I know it kinda screams, middle aged family wagon. But needs must. It has been brilliant for us in terms of double buggies (at one point 3 buggies!) in the back, loading up ALL the necessary bags with 3 toddlers in toe and now that we are all growing up a little bit, the boot still gets filled with wellie boots, picnic bags, coats, balls, bikes…..

Saturday it was filled with giggles and chats as we enjoyed a little family picnic. (The parking field was somewhat windy on Saturday morning!!)


First up was Pumpkin Carving. We queued up to pick our pumpkins, set about scooping out all the insides, drawing on our faces and then handing them over to the lovely volunteers to cut them out! (With a little artistic licence!!) Our carver did an excellent job at creating something out of what was literally nothing 🙂 The pen just did not want to ‘stick’ to one of our pumpkins…

DSC_0135 DSC_0131

The rest of the day was spent walking around the rest of the event – crunching in leaves,splashing in muddy puddles, eating candy floss, creating pumpkin masks, playing with tractors, meeting some farm animals, drooling over tasty treats and oodles of sweetie delights.

LOVING the chance to dress up as Dominic the donkey (his fav Christmas tune!)


No idea what they are looking at here!


Taking great pride in colouring his pumpkin mask.

 DSC_0175   DSC_0171  DSC_0168  DSC_0166

I’m sorry if anyone knows that wee family in the background! Only just noticed them in the pic!

Comedy (classic!) moment.

DSC_0164  DSC_0160

A little reminder that they’re still my babies xxx


The llama is pretty funny to look at!

DSC_0155 DSC_0151

Lets get a picture of you all on the tree stump………ok then, lets not!

DSC_0144 DSC_0143 DSC_0142

At many times throughout the day I found myself coming over all pensive and reflective and a wee tad emotional.  The years really do go by so quickly. All of a sudden, I’m no longer packing a changing bag that weighs a ton, I’m no longer watching the clock in anticipation of the next feed or time for a snack, I’m no longer pushing around 4 stone in a buggy (!) The 3 of them are running around after each other, chasing each other, shouting at each other to, “come and see this” and giggling with one another at the goats fighting and the silly llama, (at least I think that’s what it was!)  It brings a really big smile to my face and a warmth to my heart to watch them. I hope they’ll always be best buddies. That they will always look out for each other, share jokes and laughs with each other. And hey, I even hope they’ll always gang up on Mummy when they want a candy floss!

We had a really super wee day at Pumpkin Fest, thanks so much to all who organised it! See ya next year 😉

3 thoughts on “Picnics, pumpkins….pensive.

  1. Aww, such cuteness! You got a great day for Pumpkinfest! We went to go on Sunday but it was miserable weather 😦 Next year! Such a lovely, happy post chicky xx


  2. Aw so cute! Pumpkinfest looks like lots of fun and what a lovely set of family photos. Your little ones are just so cute and I know exactly what you mean about sometimes stepping back and feeling a little emotional, I feel the same a lot. Time does go just so very fast. x


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