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Celebrate the Light!

Wednesday night we went to our church hall for a “Celebrate the Light” party. This is my second year for organising it for families in the church and community and it was a lot of fun! Kiddies were invited to come dressed as a favourite book or TV character and mums and dads could come along and enjoy some apple tart and coffee.

Here’s my very own little Snow White, Captain America and Iron Man! (please ignore the absolute state of me in the background….mummy always is last to get seen to 😉 )


DSC_0289 DSC_0287

We had various little activities in the hall for the families to take part in…

Pin the flame on the candle


Making chocolate apples


Nail painting


Carving pumpkins


Arts and crafts


Glow in the dark hoopla!

HUGE hit!

DSC_0298 DSC_0297

It was a fun, busy night and just love to come together as a community and celebrate the Light and Hope that we have at this otherwise dark time of year.


Do any of you guys go to any similar events in your area, I’d love to hear some new ideas!

2 thoughts on “Celebrate the Light!

  1. What a fab idea! I love that it is a note of fun and positivity in an otherwise gloomy time of year. I want to do this at our house next year now! 🙂 xx


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