Argento Rose Gold Earrings.

Wow! So who got snow today?? Lots and lots and lots of excitement today in our house, and a little disappointment when we woke up and saw the beautiful white world – excitement for building Olaf, but disappointment that it did not actually mean that Santa was going to come again, sorry little L!

The little ones still had to go to school, one of the disadvantages of living within walking distance of your primary and nursery school. But Daddy bear works in a school which is on higher ground and when it snows, it snows! So, he is at home with L and I which is lovely. Hellooooo long weekend.

Today I want to share with you some gorgeous little beauties that I very kindly was gifted from Argento jewellery.Β  I have always been a fan of Argento and I remember going in to pick a piece as a teenager with my mum or granny for doing well in my exams or for a birthday. One of the great things about Argento is that they have a great range of pieces with a great range of prices! Something to suit everyone and indeed everyone’s pocket πŸ˜‰

It seems that everywhere you look at the moment jewellery is all about feminine, delicate, pretty little pieces and rose gold also remains popular. With all this in mind, and in looking for something to match my new rose gold watch I picked out these gorgeous little ear-rings from their stunning Autumn / Winter collection.

When they arrived, I was not disappointed. They really are so pretty and have received so many lovely compliments.


I now have my eye on a couple of other pieces to add to my collection πŸ˜‰ And with Valentines Day just around the corner…well Mr.Making Memories, if you’re reading……

There is a gorgeous new Argento store opened in Belfast for any local readers who fancy taking a wee browse! Or you can have a look online too Β Every girl needs a bit of bling in their life, right?!

I was very lucky to be gifted these beautiful ear-rings from Argento, but I am truly delighted with them and all thoughts and opinions in this review are genuinely my own.

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