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Afternoon Tea at Maison de Bov!

Yesterday an extra little 5 minutes turned something very ordinary and routine into something that little bit extra-ordinary and special.

A little background info first though. At the weekend little S bear woke up with a bad cough. He and J and their daddy stayed at home on Sunday morning to take it easy, hoping that some rest would do them all some good. Monday morning S woke up with a really high temperature, his cough a lot worse and he was pretty miserable. I kept him off playschool and he just lay on the sofa all morning. By lunch time though I really was worried about him and rang our GP to see if I could get an appointment for that afternoon.

At 3pm we went to see the lovely Dr.K (we like him, I was so delighted there was a free space to see him!) He listened to S chest and before I could say boo, he was sending up down to A&E at The Royal Victoria hospital in Belfast! My heart sank.

Looooooong story short, S has a severe chest infection (pneumonia) in the exact same place he had it last January. They were happy though that he was able to maintain his oxygen levels and we were sent home with an antibiotic. The poor wee mite. He has really been so unwell all week and just not like himself at all. Normally he is our little happy, funny little boy, full of mischief and fun, playing with his brother and sister and eating like a horse! This week he has been lying on the sofa, not really chatting or eating or playing any little tricks on us.

Yesterday however saw a big improvement, he started to eat little bits and pieces and was playing with L while J was at school. He made a request to bake, so we did. He wanted to make blue buns for the boys and pink buns for the girls.

When they were made and decorated and J was home from school, I decided to turn our afternoon snack into more of an ‘event’.  It took all of 5 minutes, but it made it a lovely little moment. I LOVED it, all 4 of us chatting over milk and cakes.  We all really enjoyed each others company and got caught up on what was going on in each others lives…..L really needs to get her nails painted with the pink and sparkly stuff, S is feeling a little bit better, likes the blue ice on the buns, but has a scratchy neck (throat!) and J had a “busy but wonderful day” in P1 fixing a lorry in the garage and apparently they go to church now in school (I think he means assembly!!) However, sounds are a bit annoying because his bum gets hot!!!

It was one of those moments, that I was just sitting there wonderfully happy and content, thinking to myself, I really love my job!

I got out the china and a bit of Emma B and Cath K.


These are the buns made by little hands.


Cutie #3
Cutie #2
Cutie #1

I realise they all look a little dishevelled, but this was all a bit impromptu!

Enjoying lots of chats and laughs and just being together.

DSC_0643   DSC_0637

Sometimes all you need is 5 minutes to make something have that extra sparkle!

10 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at Maison de Bov!

  1. Aww! So sweet Karen! Poor wee Sethy! Really hope he’s on the mend now, that’s rotten for him, wee pet! 😦 But if anything is going to cheer up a sick day, it is buns with blue icing! 🙂 xx

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  2. Oh how lovely! I think it’s so easy to get caught up and carried away in the every day busyness that we forget how simple it can be to go the extra mile and make things really special. It looks like it was a wonderful tea party and I’m glad to hear the tiny baker is on the mend!


  3. Aw this is so cute and a lovely idea. Those buns look delicious- I love baking with my girls. It’s these kind of ordinary moments that are definitely the sweetest and you have inspired me to have a little tea party with my girls. x


  4. Ah this is just the cutest thing! I think sometimes it’s our attitude that helps us to see the good in every situation – you certainly nailed that! Well done mummy. x


  5. How lovely, I am so sorry your little one was unwell again. My little man gets bad chest problems, he has been so much better since we had a humidifier (but we notice if we forget to turn it on for one evening – especially in the winter). This is beautiful moment, and like you said so easy to create. Reminds me to make more effort in the little things. Great post #ordinarymoments


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