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A Writing Station.

Now, if the title of this post didn’t grab ya I don’t know what would?! We woke up this morning to the most beautiful blanket of fluffy white snow. Hubster’s school was closed, J’s wasn’t. Everyone seemed happy enough though, Daddy was able to walk J to school while Mummy, S and L got to stay in their pj’s a little longer than usual and watch Tiny Pop under blankies. Everyone’s a winner!

Later in the morning the daddybear took S and L out to recreate Frozen. L wanted to build Elsa, Sven and Kristoff and S wanted to build Olaf and Marshmallow. All I’ll say is there were tears, I won’t tell you who from! While they were outside I took a wee notion to create in one of our cupboards in the kitchen a little Writing Station. You know that phrase, ‘you can take the girl outta teaching, but you can’t take teaching outta the girl’ ?! Well, yeah that.

I knew all 3 kiddiewinks would be able to use it at their varying levels of interest and skill and I would be able to tick a little box of accomplishment for myself. For J handwriting and drawing is most definitely NOT in his Top 5 of things to do so I’m hoping this might encourage him to practice and do it more often. For S and L they are at that wonderful stage of early mark making and we are seeing the very first drawings of people emerge….ya gotta love the one large circle with 2 very thin and very long legs and 2 eyes and a big smile!! Melts my heart every time.

I’m a big fan of learning being fun and unnoticeable for the child.  If they don’t know they’re doing ‘work’ or are learning anything even better. So here we go, here’s our new Writing Station….fancy name for our kitchen cupboard with paper and pens!! 😉

OK. So. on the top shelf we have An  Aqua doodle mat, some letter formation sheets, mini chalkboard, mini white boards, paper of different colours and sizes, notebooks and envelopes. The hope is to encourage them to write for different purposes and to get some enjoyment when writing as well.


Then, on the bottom shelf we have : pencils, crayons, pens, felt tips, chalk, stickers, foam shapes, glue, chalk, whiteboard markers, rubbers, rulers, stencils, pompoms, craft sticks, stickers and wooden letters (We will also get out glitter and sequins at times when I’m in the mood for mess 😉 )



It’s so easy to set up a little writing station in your home.  If you’d like to read why it is important and how it will help your child try here.

But most of all your child will enjoy it. My lot will be allowed to use the station as and when they please, promoting their independence and also allowing me 10 minutes to drink a cuppa and put on a load of washing 😉

4 thoughts on “A Writing Station.

  1. Ah it looks a great little writing station. Mads would love it, she just has to do ours on our tiny dining room table as we don’t have much space! x


  2. Such a great idea pet. I could definitely do with this for Annie and Noah. Eva thankfully needs no encouragement to write, but she would absolutely love this – STATIONERY!! 🙂 xxx


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