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10 ideas for celebrating Valentines Day with the kids!

I LOVE the whole pink / red / heart thing that February brings. I end up decorating the house a little in honour of St.Valentine and indulge that side of me that really does like a bit of romance.

I am sharing today some of the things that we have done in the past and a couple of new ideas that we will try out now that the kids are a little older.

1. Sensory tubs.

This one we went for a very simple theme of RED. The kids had a red treasure hunt around the house. A great one for babies and toddlers to be involved in. (just make sure the pieces are all safe for the tiniest participants)
Another version of a sensory tub – this one had some pink rice and different items for pouring, scooping, stirring and exploring.

2. It wouldn’t be Valentines Day if you didn’t make a heart in some shape or form.

A simple activity for your toddler or pre schooler – create a sensory / tactile heart to hang up around the home. Keeps them busy for ages too!

3. Water play – if you have young kids in the house I am in doubt that they love playing with water, and it’s a great learning activity for lots of reasons.

Here we added some red food colouring and glitter to our water, some old rose perfume and some fabric petals. We also used plastic cups and wine glasses for pouring.

4. Play dough – can be played with at any time of year!

We made our own red, rose scented playdough and had fun making and baking hearts.

I don’t have a photo, but we also made some chocolate play dough last year and made our own chocolates. We used old Milk Tray boxes to put our homemade chocolates into! Such a disappointment when you find the box and it isn’t actually edible treats inside!

5. You gotta make a Valentines Card! There are loads and loads of ideas on the internet.  Ours have been fairly straightforward up until now, due to the age of my kids. I think though when it is homemade it doesn’t matter, people will love it even more!


6.  For the last 2 years we have made a ‘Love tree’….it is basically a stick / twig from our garden which we decorate with hearts with the names of all those whom we love lots and lots! The kids have fun going to collect the twig, decorating the hearts and then hanging them on the tree.  It’s a great wee lesson for them too 😉


7.  This idea I found on pinterest last year and thought it was so lovely. Each day in the count down to Valentines Day you add a heart to a piece of ribbon on your child’s door for them to read in the morning. Written on the heart is something that you love about them!


8.  This will be a new thing for us to try this year –  a family fingerprint heart canvas. If you want to find out more about it, be sure to visit the website named on the picture! I think it’s fairly self explanatory though and will make a lovely keepsake.

9.  A little one to discuss at the dinner table, again, quite self explanatory from the photo. You can read more here though.

10.  And we hope to make this cake! Every occasion needs cake, right?! Heart shaped cake.


Do you have any activities you could share with us? I love getting new ideas. Or do you think you might give one of these a go? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “10 ideas for celebrating Valentines Day with the kids!

  1. I love all of these Karen, but particularly the little Pinterest hearts on the door one. That’s something easy I could definitely buy into! 🙂 You have such great ideas. Those are lucky kiddies to have such a fun Mummy! Xx


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