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Our Spring Bucket List.


I don’t know about you guys but I am so over this whole winter / cold thing and ready for Spring. Roll on the tulips and daffodils and sunny evenings and a little bit of heat. With that is mind I have put together another Bucket List for our fridge for the season of Spring. Oh hello fluffy lambs and chirpy chicks!!

Visit a farm to see the baby animals.

Plant some flowers.

Feed the ducks.

Go on an Easter egg hunt.

Go on a Spring scavenger hunt.

Dye some eggs for rolling down a hill.

Go on a bug hunt.

Go on lots of bike rides. (I’m excited for this as all 3 can now have a little bike of their own!)

Have a picnic at some botanical gardens and smell the pretty flowers.

Dance in the April showers and jump in the muddy puddles.

Help mummy do some Spring cleaning.

Plant strawberries and find somewhere to go strawberry picking.

Grow cress heads.

Tidy up our kiddies gardening area in the back garden.

Make an Easter garden.

There are also lots of lovely Spring and Easter activities at local National Trust properties. Be sure to have a wee peek at some of those!

I love all that Spring means and represents: new life, new beginnings, hope, joy….I hope to embrace it all. Have a lovely season folks xxx

2 thoughts on “Our Spring Bucket List.

  1. Yay! I love your bucket lists! 🙂 I am SO over this Winter thing. Bring on the sunshine and flowers and being able to go out without 727 layers on! 😉 xxx


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