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What else would a girl want??

I am feeling overwhelmed and spoilt right now. Argento got in touch to say that they would like to send me a little ‘Pamper package’ for Valentine’s day, and I of course agreed. The prospect of jewellery and pampering being involved, what girl would say no?! The package has arrived and wowzers I feel well and truly spoilt…



The package contains everything any classic Valentine’s gift should, (in my opinion anyhow!) chocolate,

massages, candles and of course jewellery.

All of the products and gifts are available here in Northern Ireland which is great news if anyone is looking some last minute inspiration 😉 So far I have enjoyed every little bit of this gift, the last thing I need to do is book myself into The Merchant for what sounds like an afternoon of bliss.



I am so delighted too with my gorgeous new necklace, it will be so easy to wear and match with on different occasions. As always, it has prompted me to have a little browse to see what else is available ….

Aren’t these rings gorgeous??

This August Woods ring is only £5

This one would make a fabulous Valentines gift!

Some gorgeous pieces are available both instore and online.  Argento have very kindly given me a code for my lovely readers to use on their next purchase : Enter LOVE20 at the checkout and you will get 20% off your purchase.

I hope you all get a little something special this Valentine’s weekend… comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes….from the rose from your partner, to a cup of tea from your mum at the end of a long day, to a cuddle from your littles to a warm hug from a neighbour.

Happy Valentine’s Day xxx

2 thoughts on “What else would a girl want??

  1. Wowsers!!! (I’ve picked that word up from my four year old, but I think it is appropriate!) You are a lucky girl! I think I must be the only girl in NI that hasn’t been to the Merchant, so I am well jel! And.. that ring is amazing for £5. My niece would love it! Enjoy it all missus x

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