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Someone turns FIVE!!

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Happy Birthday Little J Bird! A whole big 5 today! I find it so hard to believe that I have a 5 year old son. The 5 year old thing is hard enough to accept, the son part; even harder!  Coming from a family of all girls, I never really expected to have boys. Daft, I know, but I really didn’t. What a wonderful, wonderful surprise it was when the midwife told us, “it’s a boy!”,  5 years ago today!






The last 3 days have been all about our wee J bird. We had the dreaded whole class party on Saturday at a local leisure and it was everything we thought it would be…and more 😉 !!!!  He had an absolute ball and our living room now resembles the boys section of Toys R us. Sunday we had a little family party and then today we took him to his favourite restaurant for dinner, finished off with the necessary ice cream and his favourite chocolate cake.

1st birthday!
Summer 2011 037
Becoming a big brother

It's a girl!! 010

How do I feel about him turning 5?? Mmmmm I don’t know. I’m kind of excited I think.  I found 4, so much more emotional. (I’m already dreading wee S Bear turning 4 in June!) When he turned 4 my heart was really hurting.  It was a big milestone for me.  The end of the cutesie little toddler stage, no longer my wee baby boy. I really felt it was a significant turning point. The start of his boyhood.  And the past year has really seen his grow up that’s for sure.




Jonah p1

BUT it has been a great year.  He is becoming a fabulous little man. I love his sense of humour, his love of jokes and his wee one liners.  I love his company if we ever go out just me and him, or when we’re left on our own if S and L go down for a nap. He really is great chat! I love our drives to BB each Wednesday night, when he gets to sit in the front seat and we catch up on what’s the latest with Leonardo and Donatello and which Hot Wheels seems to be fastest at the moment on the race track.  I love how when he is going into somewhere that he’s a little unsure of, he’ll grab my hand and hold it real tight until he gets inside and realises that he’ll be ok.  I love listening to him read and spell and count.  (Have to admit I’m getting a little fed up with every.single.word being sounded out though…..”Mum,  S.T.O.P. stop, is that right Mum?” “K. ITCH .IN, does that spell kitchen Mum?” “C.O.K.E  cockey?? What’s cockey??” Ahhhhh phonics you crack me up!)

I love watching him toddle off to school in the mornings with such confidence and happiness, (it still totally kills me watching him disappear behind the gate though!!!) I love his wee kisses and cuddles first thing ever morning. I love that at the dinner table he can’t seem to stay out of my personal space, (it drives me mad in equal measure too though!) I love the young boy that he is becoming.

Happy 5th Birthday to our Lego, Star Wars, Hot Wheels, Turtles, Avengers loving little J Bird.


5 thoughts on “Someone turns FIVE!!

  1. Aww, happy birthday wee man! He is so gorgeous Karen! I felt exactly the asme when Annie turned 4 (and 5 too, if I’m honest!) I’m not a fan of this growing up malarkey!! Xx


  2. Ahhh happy birthday little dude. 5 is a big age now. I bet Momma you are thinking how did it go so fast. I know I am an mine are only almost 2 and four. He is so cute. I wish they would slow down sometimes so we can savor the moments of their little youth. lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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