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Mr. Making Memories In The Chaos.


I don’t often talk about my hubster on here, except for the odd kind of throw away comment here and there. He features in a few wee photos along the way, but I’m not too sure I’ve ever really wrote about ‘us’ and how we came to be together nor have I ever written about how truly wonderful he is.


But you know He is wonderful. He’s perfect …. perfect to and for me. Would he be perfect to you? No, probably not, but when you love someone that’s what they are isn’t it? Perfect. You love everything about them, even the things that drive you a little bit crazy.


Our ‘Love story’ is a crazy one. You see, we dated for 3 weeks and were engaged for 14 weeks before getting married.  When I announced my engagement, although they didn’t say it, I knew some people were thinking, “Engaged?? I didn’t even know you had a boyfriend!”  Normally too I’m a very organised and planned sort of girl, I’m not very spontaneous. And I think to a lot of people this engagement seemed a little wreckless. But it is true, ‘when you know, you know’. And I knew.  I was never so sure of anything before.


Plans for the wedding itself were crazy too, from our dream location being available on the date that we wanted to someone else having ordered the wedding dress that I wanted, in my size, but didn’t need for another year, meaning that I could have it! Everything just kept falling into place with great simplicity. We knew someone was smiling down on us.

And to this day, our lives are crazy. A little out of the norm. Not what people expect. But I love it.  And I love my partner in crime in it all.  He is my Mr.Perfect. My best friend.  My true companion for life.  So, when you read about my ‘hubster’ in passing, please understand, that while I adore and dote on my kiddies and probably talk about them far too much, HE is my number 1. The reason my smile on most days is from ear to ear.

Our Wedding Nic's pictures 054

 Maybe I’ll share in a bit more detail our Love Story, if anyone would be interested in reading?! (Leave a comment if you would sure!)

2 thoughts on “Mr. Making Memories In The Chaos.

  1. Yes Karen. We would love to hear more about it. As a busy Mum of 3 not much time for romance of my own haha. So would be nice to learn about somebody else’s.


  2. Ah Karen this is such a sweet story! I love that you talk about ‘knowing’ with such certainty. A true modern-day fairy tale. Yes please for more! x


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