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A waffly one!

So, it has been 2 weeks since I’ve posted anything on here. And I’m not too sure why. I guess the really truthful answer is – I can’t be bothered!! Is that terrible? It is, isn’t it. It’s not that I don’t care about my blog, I do and I really do care about my readers. But at the moment I just can’t find neither the motivation nor the inspiration to blog. I don’t feel that I have anything inspiring or interesting to share.

And I guess it’s because life at the moment is the same too. I need some motivation right across the board. What I’m wearing needs a bit of inspiration, my hair, my face (!).  Most days it seems I can be found in jeans and a faithful stripey top with my hair scrapped up in a ponytail.  The housework needs a definite kick up the backside. I am still finding glittery hearts all over the house from our Valentine’s sensory play tub.

I also feel like I am kind of failing at the whole stay at home mum thing too. L begged to paint for like 5 days straight before I eventually gave in. We haven’t made any crafts for what feels like ages and as for actually sitting down and playing with the kids….well, it’s been a while too.  A lot of our dinners have come in the form of a plastic container with a cardboard sleeve with instructions to cook for 35 mins at 180′.  And I’m pretty sure hubs has had to go searching in the tumble dryer for clean clothes for work on more than one occasion!!

I’m in a bit of a funk it seems at the moment. Maybe it’s the weather, the time of year.

Maybe it’s ok actually and I shouldn’t beat myself up so much? We can all get like this, right?? Someone tell me you feel like this sometimes too?? Please tell me I’m normal 😉

But, yeah, sorry about this waffly type post, I just wanted to let you know where I am. And it also seems I needed to verbally throw up on the blog!! Sorry about that but I feel better getting it out there.   I’ve been off Facebook and Instagram for 1 month now and I have to say I am enjoying the freedom. I’m not even sure if I’ll go back! (I have kept messenger on my phone though..it’s great for keeping in touch with peeps – where we live mobile phone reception is rubbish!!) It’s nice to not have to see everyone’s life highlights at the moment.

So, Mrs. Making Memories in the Chaos is all out of inspiration and motivation at the moment. Our days consist of coffee, peanut butter and toast, library trips, M&S shopping trips, Haribo, Tiny Pop, the park, more coffee and P1 homework….and all of that basically on repeat. I’m not saying I’m not enjoying it, I kind of am. It just doesn’t make for an exciting blog post!!

Hopefully I’ll see y’all on the other side…..

13 thoughts on “A waffly one!

  1. I have periods like this every so often… Very normal I think! What helped me last time was reading a book by Kate Gross, called Late Fragments…amazing book and helped me get some much needed different perspective.

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  2. Oh Karen, I totally get this!! I’ve been exactly the same, just all-round undermotivated! I’m really hoping that it is just the time of year. Even yesterday, with that little bit of sun, I felt a bit better. Bring on Summer I say! Big hugs chicky, and even though you feel bad at the lack of paint related crafts, know that you’re still 100 times better at doing them than me! :)xx

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  3. Not just you!! And, when my life gets busy, my blog is the first thing to go because I want to live my life, not just document it. And uh, yeah, if I don’t clean the bathrooms today then no one will ever be able to come visit me. And my dirty clothes are in a pile in the closet because I haven’t been able to put up the clean ones in the laundry room that I washed on Tuesday! 🙂

    You got this under control – but maybe just one more cuppa coffee!


  4. I wouldn’t worry. I had to do some ironing yesterday. I counted 16 shirts belonging to the hubby, which means I haven’t ironed in over 3 weeks. To be fair, this Isn’t a phase I just don’t like ironing. I hope u get back on track soon, but I think it’s normal to need chill time!


  5. I don’t iron. I’m a shake and hang as soon as it’s out of the machine, I’ve saved many hours with this special technique 😉

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  6. Oh goodness, I can so relate! I struggle to even find one photo to include on my ‘favourite photo of the week’ sometimes – only so many pictures of a boy with a Playstation remote in hand, that readers can stand!


  7. Aw Karen I can relate to this in some respects- I have periods of time where I just lack motivation to blog- at the end of the day we blog about our lives and sometimes life just isn’t that interesting- I definitely go through phases! I have missed you though- come back properly soon! Your loyal readers will definitely be waiting. x


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