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Spring has sprung! Well, kind of!

For all my fellow Northern Irish readers hasn’t it been lovely to see a bit of sunshine? Oh boy, I have welcomed it with open arms that is for sure and already I can feel a little extra bounce in my step. Now, I know, I know, someone dared to mention *whispers* SNOW, but for now I am choosing to ignore that possibility and embrace all things bright and beautiful.

Going to share some little things that we have been doing to get ourselves all Spring-ified!

These are just an essential part of Easter aren’t they? We prefer to use rice krispies as opposed to shreddies, not quite the same nest look but a lot easier on the palate 😉




I made some Happy Easter bunting with a little kit that I found in…yip you guessed it, my favourite place! Poundland!
We searched through our books and picked out those which reminded us of Spring and Easter. We’re hoping to get to the library this week to pick out a few more.
L and I made a little start on an egg carton Spring flowers canvas that we found on Pinterest.

Today, S had a day off pre school, so him, L and I made some Easter egg suncatchers…..





Please ignore how dirty my windows are!!!

I’ve also been adding a few wee bits and pieces to our home, it’s a bit of a killer not being on Facebook and Instagram at the moments as I would love to just pop up a wee picture on there to share with you all. But I guess, I’ll have to do another little update here on the blog tomorrow night!

Hope you guys are enjoying the sun and are finding yourselves knee deep in pastels and chocolate too 😉

2 thoughts on “Spring has sprung! Well, kind of!

  1. I think every person I know has an Ikea chalk board – they are fab though, that’s why! You are a very good mammy with all your crafts! I agree with rice crispie nests, shredded wheat ones taste a bit like actual birds nests*! (*I am only guessing.)


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