Putting some yummy back in this mummy! #1

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you will know that I have done something similar to this before – I had a little series, “Trying to put some yummy in this mummy” and I have also done a little wardrobe challenge in the Autumn time. This time it is going to be a combination of the 2.

Recently I have found myself getting into a bit of a rut with my clothing and appearance and have been feeling very uninspired by my wardrobe. My sister, (the middle one!) has had a bit of a wardrobe clear out and has passed on some great wee bits and bobs, she is so much more stylish and fashionable than me, so I feel like my wardrobe has had some serious fashion injection! And so, both these things have prompted me to embark on a bit of a fashion journey again this Spring / Summer.

I hope to share with you what I’m wearing weekly – I’ll show you the outfits, maybe where the inspiration came from (most likely Pinterest!!) and what I’m going to bin / give to charity. I think there is a real danger for us mums to kind of neglect ourselves a little isn’t there? I know in the mornings I tend to fire something on without really thinking as I’m keen to get the kids their breakfast and make sure they look presentable for the day ahead. When the new season arrives it’s always the kids who get kitted out head to toe and I tend to just churn out the same old outfits season after season, year after year.

I’m hoping that this challenge will give me the motivation that I need to once again ‘shop my own wardrobe’ and put a little effort into looking the best that I can. I think I might start a little hashtag on Instagram too if you want to follow or, even better join in 😉 #bringingyummyback …cringe!! Ha!

OK. So, something completely cringe worthy to share…..this photo …..

Oh boy! Now, what am I doing?? Trying to work out what my body shape is and what my actual size is! I took measurements of my bust, waist and hips, actually measured what height I am and weighed myself. Turns out I have a healthy BMI and am not a perfect size anything…i’m inbetween 2 sizes and the online experts say that my body shape is SPOON!!!!!! Ha! Just what a girl wants to hear, right??!

I’m hoping thought that now I know measurements and a rough size this should make ‘styling’ myself a little easier.

And then just before I leave you with that glorious image, let me try to erase it with some wee pics of what I have been wearing lately…

Yes, these trousers were actually glowing!!

And, finally, finally. I’m trying to decide on a new practical, yet stylish rain coat….an essential for any mummy on a family day out, don’t you think. At the moment, it is between these 3 ….


So, there we go. The beginning of a new wardrobe challenge for me. I now know, for the first time ever my height, my BMI and what my bust, waist and hip measurements are! And after all these years of wondering if I’m a pear, an apple or an hourglass I now know that I am in fact a spoon! So, Spring time fashion…let’s be havin ya!!!

13 thoughts on “Putting some yummy back in this mummy! #1

  1. Oh yeah!!! Loving your post and isn’t it so true. My clothes are brought back by popular demand from last summer and the summer before and in some cases the summer before that!! While the kids are fully kitted out ready for all seasons in the trends and a handful of last year. Not that i begrudge this at all but i need to get out of my rut and put some yummy into it even for the school run. So i will eagerly await your instagram # and will join in. Yummy mummy United !!!! X


  2. I think Mums are guilty of spending more £ and time on our children’s outfits. Love reading these posts on fashion cause I have no idea!

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  3. Good luck lovely although I think you already look fab. It’s true that as mums we sort the kids and their wardrobes our before we think about ourselves. I need to make much more of an effort this year.
    Oh, and I like the purple coat xx


  4. Wow I love your wardrobe and your outfits are so my kind of style too. Maybe I am a spoon too probably not I have a big ass. hahaha I will have to see what google says. I look forward to more outfits from you soon. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Have a great weekend. #sharewithme

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  5. Who ever heard of spoon? haha your a rare specimen!! I am interested to know mine now – where’s the website? I think you’re looking lovely and the 3rd jacket is pretty cool with the grey! I often look a mess and wish I had more time to be yummy! Thanks for the inspiration x

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  6. I know, right?? A spoon?? Really?? Ha ha! The website I went to was it was quite interesting – it also tells you then what style of clothes you should wear! Thanks for stopping by, I bet you are much more yummy than you think 🙂


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