Putting some yummy back in this mummy #2

Well hello there folks. Another week has passed and I am only getting time to sit and write over here .  It has been a good week, the weather was more than kind to us for the 2nd week of the Easter break. We enjoyed lots of picnics and day trips as family and with the extended family.

I too am feeling a bit more upbeat too, there’s nothing like a bit of sunshine and more daylight hours to put a literal spring in your step, right?

So, I have been enjoying my new wardrobe challenge and feel much more confident about myself, it’s funny how just putting a little bit more effort into your appearance can have such an impact on your day.  I’m not saying, it should become something that you obsess over, or prioritise, but at the moment the extra 5 minutes for me are making all the difference.

I really would appreciate any comments that you guys would make about what I’m wearing….positive or negative! For example, today I am wearing a pair of tailored trousers that are definitely FAR.TOO.SHORT! I’m kinda worried that there may have been some butt cheek on display at the school gate! But I had no-one tell me that until the mister got home from work!! Oh well….my neighbours and fellow school parents either had a real treat today or were put completely off their dinner!!

You’ll find below the pictures of my #bringingyummyback. If you’re on instagram be sure to follow me on this little adventure, and hey it would make my day, if you decided to join in one day 😉

Now, a quick word.  These photos are rare. Completely rare. I am just not comfortable getting my photo taken at all, least of all for something like this!

And then, I’m trying to decide on another little item of clothing! The lilac coat won in the last vote by the way! This skirt, is it a yeah or a no way?

So, what do you all think? Say what you think, I won’t be offended 😉

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