Putting some yummy back in this mummy #3

Time to share with you what I’ve been wearing lately in an attempt to put a little bit of yummy back in this mummy. I have 2 large bin bags of clothes ready for the charity shop as a result! I’ll probably go looking for ‘that’ stripy top or really ‘need’ that wee black skirt no doubt, but there comes a point when you just need to ‘let it go’! 😉

I’m sorry to say that the photos have not improved.  I still look as awkward as ever, and I still haven’t found a mirror in the house where I can take a selfie which has good light, but it is what it is and hopefully things will improve……at some point!

First, I want to share this little pic with you.11203079_10150517440334957_4693535162239774598_n Not exactly an inspirational fashion shot, but one that has to be shared.  A few weeks ago, myself and my 2 sisters took L to her first Disney on Ice show. She absolutely loved it! She sat with her wee fists all clenched with excitement as she watched.  It really brought her a lot of joy. As we walked out of the arena she said, “that was so much fun!” It also gave me a totally valid reason to purchase and wear this Frozen top!

Last Saturday, me and my sisters took ourselves off shopping for the day and I made a few sneaky little purchases. I was shopping for hubs birthday, but I allowed myself a few treats too!

These jeans…you know the ones….the ones all the cool kids are wearing….the ones with the rips….the ones that your 5 year old cannot understand! “You bought them with those rips in them already? But they need to go in the bin” I got a pair – actually I got 2 – this cream pair and a baby pink pair. I have to say I am loving them. Although it does mean, I have to shave my knees and tan them much more frequently than I’d like 😉

10952465_10150517440429957_5860109089201269613_n  21101_10150517440504957_5429195783004217447_n


I also treated myself and L to new bags – £10 for them both. Primark we salute you!

I really love L’s, she already has it filled with Moshi Monsters and those miniature Disney Princess dolls that Sainsbury are now selling!


 My bag is incredibly soft and in my new favourite colour! It’s a very practical mumsy sort of bag, but sometimes you just need to be practical, right?!


Another 2 outfits….in that same colour. I need to step away from the baby pink!



I had mentioned before that my sister had been having a bit of a wardrobe clear out too.  The next couple of pictures feature items that I have been given and am recycling. Jill is much, much more fashionable than me and I’m never too sure if I can carry off things the way she can!


A bit of clashing and mixing of prints – a magazine told me it’s all the rage this season?!



I wore this outfit yesterday! I was clearly not expecting the snow / hail / sleet that we got!

Looking back over these pictures, I can see a definite them emerging! Must try a few different colours this week.

Off now with my 2 black bags, hopefully there’ll be another bag next week 😉

3 thoughts on “Putting some yummy back in this mummy #3

  1. Looking gorgeous Karen! I’m too old for so much these days – namely ripped jeans! I love a bit of floral though and those bracelets are so cute 🙂 Liking your sister’s stripes too – very ‘in’ at the moment. x


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