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A May Round Up!

OK. So. I know not that not that long ago I said I was stopping writing and yet here I am. Truth be told, I really love this little space. I love that I have a diary of how life has been over the past number of years, I love that I can look back… Continue reading A May Round Up!

Family life

Two are better than one.

Sometimes life throws you a curved ball, which not only leaves you a little shaken, but also leaves you feeling pensive and reflective and forces you to take stock of what really matters in life. There has been so much talk on social media and on the news and splashed across newspapers and magazines lately about… Continue reading Two are better than one.

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Putting some yummy back in this mummy #4

So, I’m not feeling yummy in any way these days. I have put on half a stone since Christmas and boy am I really feeling it around the middle.  Guess I am that old spoon shape after all! Now, I know half a stone isn’t a lot really, but it definitely does make all the… Continue reading Putting some yummy back in this mummy #4

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I’m just having a wee moment!

It really is true what they say : You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone; isn’t it? It wasn’t that long ago I was looking forward to getting some structure into my day, having a little routine, maybe get the chance to have a wee bit of time to myself. And, now that… Continue reading I’m just having a wee moment!

Family life

I wish my occupation could read, “Princess” !

So, I just ‘have’ to blog about it.  It’s everywhere – social media, the actual TV, (who watches TV nowadays??!); blogland is full of posts about it, mums at the school gate are discussing it, what is it? Why, the new Little Princess of course and I LOVE it! I, for one, am all over it.… Continue reading I wish my occupation could read, “Princess” !