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I wish my occupation could read, “Princess” !

So, I just ‘have’ to blog about it.  It’s everywhere – social media, the actual TV, (who watches TV nowadays??!); blogland is full of posts about it, mums at the school gate are discussing it, what is it? Why, the new Little Princess of course and I LOVE it! I, for one, am all over it.

I saw on Instagram today that M&S have a special biscuit tin with a fancy lid to mark the occasion – I’m going straight after the school run tomorrow to buy a box! On Saturday I sat for a good 6 hours and watched Sky News film 2 doors, and say on repeat, “A new baby Princess has been born this morning at 834am, weighing 8lbs 3oz”.  I hardly left the sofa, granted I did have a shocker of a head cold, but still I was glued. When little George arrived I cried – actually cried! He was just so cute, with his little waves and chubby cheeks and wee fat legs in those shorts. I knew exactly how Kate would feel when she saw him arrive with his (rather dashing!) Daddy.

I was excited and emotional the whole day. And while that sounds daft, I don’t know them for goodness sake, nor do I follow history nor all that ‘Royal’ stuff. But I love it. I love Kate and William. I loved Diana, I remember waving my little flag so hard when our school got to go and meet her.  I love seeing what the Queen is wearing and what she has to say on Christmas Day.

The news came today that they have registered her birth and honestly it tickled me pink!! On, “Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge”‘s birth certificate, they have as her parents occupation, “Prince of The United Kingdom” and “Princess of The United Kingdom” !!! Now. That is AMAZING. That’s romantic, dreamy, what every girl dreams of right there. Maybe it’s the Disney fan in me, or maybe it’s because I have recently started watching, “Once Upon a Time” but, that made me smile. I absolutely love that little girls birth certificate, it’s what dreams are made of.

And yes, Kate looked amazing. Absolutely amazing. But no, I don’t think she should have just come out in her jogging bottoms like some people are suggesting she should. And no, I don’t think she should feel bad, ‘because it will only make other new mums feel inadequate”.  I don’t feel bad about the way I looked when I came home. She looked amazing. I couldn’t wait to see what she would be wearing. She is a classy lady. (although I did feel for her wearing cream!!) I bet when she got home to the palace she kicked off her heels and got changed into something more comfortable. But it seems that her birth was pretty straightforward and relatively quick, so perhaps  she did feel as wonderful as she looked. Not every birth is the same. I was pretty fortunate with my 3 that I did kinda just pop them out and if I had had a hairdresser and stylist I’m sure I could have looked just like Kate when I came home. (!!?)

Give the poor girl a break. I think she is doing an amazing job as Princess of The United Kingdom. Everything she does, she does with dignity and femininity.

So, I am on a bit of a Royal high at the moment.  I’ve watched the news more in the last 3 days than I’ve done in the last 3 months. I almost feel like one of my chums has had a new arrival. What about you guys, were any of you excited by it all at the weekend? Did you stay on your sofa all afternoon, just waiting? Let me know, I’d love to hear!

P.S. Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow morning that my local M&S have that tin of biscuits!!!

4 thoughts on “I wish my occupation could read, “Princess” !

  1. Oh I’m totally with ya!! I wish I’d had someone to help me prepare for leavin hospital and let’s face it-who wouldn’t make an effort when your every move is goin to be scrutinised! She was fabulous and yes, Feorge and his daddy weren’t exactly torturous to look at either! 😉


  2. Here here!! I sat in awe wonderful and excitement waiting to see the two doors open, to see how happy they both looked. Beautiful. PS race you tomorrow morning at sprucefield to get biscuit tin xx


  3. Bless, I can feel the excitement bouncing off your post – you obviously are a very maternal person, and I can imagine you sitting there thinking of another for yourself?! I totally agree though, that must be one of the coolest Birth Certificates around! x


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