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I’m just having a wee moment!

It really is true what they say : You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone; isn’t it? It wasn’t that long ago I was looking forward to getting some structure into my day, having a little routine, maybe get the chance to have a wee bit of time to myself. And, now that I have it, I don’t really want it!

I’m sitting here tonight wishing it was the summer holidays already. I love days at home when you’ve nowhere to be for a certain time, no rushing around in the mornings. Days when you can stay in your PJs all day if you wish snuggling under the duvet watching Disney movies. Days when you can decide to take a picnic to the park, or head to the beach or just play in the garden all day.

I’m much less fond of the ‘we’ve gotta be there for 9am’ starts and the clock watching for pick ups and homeworks and other extra curricular activities. When did life get so busy? And I know that I don’t know the half of it yet, ‘wait ’til they’re older’ people will tell you.

But life’s like that a bit isn’t it? You always kinda want what you don’t have. When they’re tiny and the days are so long and at times a little mundane, you find yourself dreaming of the days when they’ll be more independent, not just as reliant on you for their every need. You look forward to the school days.

Now that they are here I want to go back! I now realise that, I do miss those days that everyone told me I would……..

4 thoughts on “I’m just having a wee moment!

  1. I’m a year away from my little boy starting school and I’m already a little sad at the thought of missing our days together now. It’s really made me want to make the most of the year we have left as I know times are changing soon. xx


  2. I remember hearing, and thinking it was absurd at the time, until my time came, and all of the sudden the wisdom in the words made sense… I would kill for a moment of silence, but then, when I get it, all I want is the noise back!!


  3. This post really resonated with Karen- Mads starts school in September and I am already dreading the fact she won’t be with me every day. I bet it is hard when you miss them. x


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