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Putting some yummy back in this mummy #4

So, I’m not feeling yummy in any way these days. I have put on half a stone since Christmas and boy am I really feeling it around the middle.  Guess I am that old spoon shape after all! Now, I know half a stone isn’t a lot really, but it definitely does make all the difference, and it has definitely influenced what outfits I’ve picked out this past few weeks. I have definitely been favouring the old sweats and hoodies on more than 1 or 2 or 5 occasions!

All that aside I am still trying to work my way through my wardrobe and the bags of, ‘excess to requirements’ clothing that my sister has passed on. It’s fun getting a little injection of clothing into your wardrobe to help shake it up a little, and when it’s for free, it makes it even more fun, right?!

Here’s what I have been wearing….you’ll be glad to know I will NOT be wearing the navy shorts and tight combo again – heeeelllloooo chicken legs!

This blouse and shirt is not something that I would ever buy for myself, but I always love something like this on other people. The shorts are Sisley and the blouse Primark. I really loved wearing this and will definitely wear it again! This one was straight from my sisters wardrobe!
Yes, I know, the legs – not good. Let’s move on! Yellow, I love a bit of yellow! Mum bought me this wee top for Easter and I only got to wear it for the first last week, got that little bag for like a fiver or something in Primark! It really is even nicer in real life!
These jeans are actually a very pale baby pink and I really love them! The same as the cream ones from before – ripped knees! Which the kids still find hilarious. Although they are actually harder to wear than I thought, in terms of finding things that look right with them!
Same jeans, different top! And yes those are goose bumps on my knees – what is with the weather?!
This was another great wee find from my sisters wardrobe! A silk top with the most gorgeous pattern…..again with those jeans…..
The top says it all……..
And lastly for this week – this dress. I felt like a proper little housewifey in it. I love the neckline too. Was at a complete loss as to what to wear on top, as you definitely can’t leave the house without layers at the moment. Went for a black leather jacket, which was perfect for making it a bit more casual!

On a different note, I’m thinking of closing up shop in terms on the blog. I’m just not ‘feeling’ it anymore. Life at the moment is busy and full, I’m still doing all the same arts and crafts with the kiddies and we’re still doing all the same day trips, but I kind of feel I’m not enjoying them the same when I’m constantly snapping photos of the ‘fun’ that we’re having – it means I kinda miss out on that fun! But, we’ll see, maybe I’ll find a fresh energy and enthusiasm for all things social media and come back bigger than ever. But if you don’t hear from me….you’ll know where I’ve gone!

3 thoughts on “Putting some yummy back in this mummy #4

  1. Aww, you’d be missed, but I totally get what you’re saying! By the way, the half stone doesn’t show at all… As for the goosebumps though, that’s s look we’re rocking here too… Looks great with the risky handprints!! 😳


  2. You look fab as ever Karen,and you don’t look a pound overweight (and I’ve seen you in the flesh too!!) I really don’t want you to shut up shop, but I know just where you’re coming from in regards to blogging. I feel it all the time too! I really hope you’ll find a way to keep at it though. I know so many people who love this little space, me included! Xxx


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