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To my darling little 3 year old.

I’m a little late in getting this post typed up. I had intended to do it on the day of her birthday, but honestly, June has been one crazy, busy month, and I just couldn’t seem to find the time to sit down and type! But, at the moment, S and L have gone down for a little nap before we go to pick up J from school and I’m going to strike while the iron is hot.

5th June 2015 saw our little darling L turn 3 years old. And she really is our little darling. She is a loving, caring, giggly little girl who loves sparkly things, and shoes and lipstick and handbags and joining in when the boys play football. She spends her days laughing and smiling and talking and dancing. She has become my wee chum, me and my girl. 3 years ago I realised just how much I wanted a little daughter, when she was born I cried and cried for ages with pure joy, we had a little girl. And I fully embraced the world of pink and frills and bows!



Leah laughing

L you are growing into a wonderful little girl. I love how you always smile and find even the smallest things funny. I love that you always want / need to be touching me when we’re on the sofa. I love all the affection that you share with those around you – whether they want it or not, sometimes your eldest brother isn’t as up for the kisses as you are, but still it doesn’t put you off. I love how you see the world in the most adorable, little cute 3 year old ways – when the days are sparkly (bright and sunny), or when the café at the zoo reminds you of The 3 Little Pigs house, (it had a straw roof). or when you always want to skip to pick up J and S from school instead of just walk. You have started to try to copy everything that I do – which is both lovely and slightly alarming!! Ha! Just this morning you were watching me sit on the sofa and you crossed your legs in exactly the same way as me and clasped your wee hands around your milk in just the same way I was holding my coffee. I love that you love all the fairy tales. At the moment your favourite one is Lodlilocks and the 3 bears – you can ‘read’ it by yourself, all the way to the end, and you do a great Daddy bear voice. I love watching you play with your brothers, trying so desperately to keep up with them when they are on their bikes, or running around in the garden. It makes me giggle when I hear you “high-ya” and pretend to karate chop a teddy. You really adore your big brothers so much and are a great help at keeping them in line 😉





So, now that you are 3 there are going to be some big changes for you in a couple of months. You are off to pre school in September, and although at the moment, you say you’re not going and are just going to stay home with mummy and go to the coffee shops, I know that you are going to really love it! You will make some great wee friends and have great fun. I’m going to really miss you though in the mornings, but I’m not going to tell you that…..not until you’re 18 or so anyway….Love you lots baby girl….Happy 3rd Birthday x

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