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My little bear is a whole big 4!


This little man turned 4 years old on 11th June and it really was a milestone moment for me. I don’t know what it is about 4, but it gets to me. It tugs my heart strings. I think, for me, it feels like the end of a chapter, the end of an era. It marks the end of our time at home together all day, every day. 4 years old seems a whole lot bigger than 3. The end of the baby and toddler days and the beginning of him becoming a proper little boy.

DSC06393 DSC06391 DSC06702

And what an adorable little boy you are my S-ybear.

It has been a big year for S.Β  Back in September he had his operation to get the vents into his ears and his adenoids removed. And wow has that made such a difference! He hasn’t looked back and has honestly been the healthiest he has ever been, his speech has come on in leaps and bounds, his sleep has improved so, so much and his frustrations have been eased. It has been amazing and just a joy to watch him improve so much.Β He also has been attending The Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast about his little chest as he has had 3 bad spells of pneumonia in the last 3 years. But, again, we seem to be getting to the bottom of all that and he is again, getting things a little easier πŸ™‚ He is a little gem, this boy of mine. Despite all the problems that he has had he is such a joyful, happy little thing who finds fun and joy in even the most simplest and mundane of things!

10671248_10150440536779957_1005946205736379272_n 10290198_10150440536999957_8788981282622895607_n

He is also the most rascal-ish of the 3.Β  If there is something mischievous to be doing, S will be doing it. His fiery, strong willed personality can be a handful at times, but I am learning to appreciate that, while it can drive me loop-de-loo on a daily basis, it is also a great trait to have. He will not be easily led or swayed by his friends and once his mind is set on something he sees it through to the end.

DSC09336 1236608_719023218123817_948462100_n 11391484_10150533941374957_6364440361477168452_n

S I love you with all my heart. I love you coming in to our bed in the mornings with your wee pal Mickey and that wretched old thumb in your mouth…..(hopefully when you’re 30 you won’t still be doing it, until then I’m not going to worry too much about it!) I love that you come in FULL.OF.LIFE. sometimes singing, sometimes humming, sometimes laughing, but all the time happy and delighted to see us again. I love that you tell me approx. 367 times a day that you love me, that I’m the best mummy in the world. I love your big goofy laugh….me and your daddy both love that little part of you, you’re like a wee Disney character when you belly chuckle! I love that you are the jigsaw KING. I love when you show us your muscles – they really are something! S, I love that you literally jump for joy when you and I are going on a date, or when we tell you that we’re going out somewhere for the day. I love all your kisses and hugs and back rubs and head massages. I love that you are so thoughtful and kind and are always thinking of others first before yourself. (If I’m honest I don’t really love your shouting or temper….but I reckon that’s just a part of that fiery personality that I was talking about earlier….and I also think I can’t say too much because you get that from me!!)

S-y you are wonderful. I love you to bits. But, I’m not really ready for you to be a whole big 4 yet and I am most definitely not ready for you to go to school. While you may be 4….you are not that ‘big boy’ now. You’re my wee bear. But I have to let you go, but just so you know, I’ll always be ready for kisses and cuddles when the bell goes…….


7 thoughts on “My little bear is a whole big 4!

  1. Happy belated Birthday to the wee one – sorry, big boy now! I love that he is ‘the most rascal-ish’! Mine take it turns! 4 is a good age to be, however I recall Lewis quite often saying, ‘It’ s hard being 4′. Ha ha… what he actually meant was it was hard to be good all the time. I guess that is true whatever age you are though x

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  2. I remember my boy turning 4. It suddenly seems so grow up doesn’t it? He looks very ‘at home’ there on the skate board. Not to mention cute πŸ™‚ x


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