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Wanna be a Record Breaker?

On Friday, J and I had a little date day. It has been a while since him and I had some time on our own. He needed his glasses tightened up as he was spending 90% of his day looking over the top, so we decided to take this as an opportunity to do ‘stuff’ just the 2 of us.

I love that my kiddies have come to really cherish these dates. He got himself all cleaned up and put on his spanking new polo shirt and was all set to, “look after” me for the day. We headed into town, quickly got his glasses fixed, spotted a toy in the sale (one of those TMNT vehicle things reduced to £4 with a turtle too!), bought the all important bread and milk and then began the fun stuff.

J wanted to go to a coffee shop – he does love a chocolate bun, So we decided to try out the new Bob and Berts which has just recently opened on Bow Street in Lisburn; I think we’ll be back 😉 I introduced him to the joy of a salted caramel brownie and we had some good chats. It’s so lovely that he’s becoming a little friend, a son to chat with.  I kind of dread those ‘grunting’ teenage years that lie ahead. Am hoping that ‘chatting with mum’ will be so second nature by then, that he will come to me about everything and anything. (Don’t burst my bubble, ok??)


After this we went to the library, I knew that they did a Reading Challenge each Summer and was keen to encourage him to sign up. And bless him, he didn’t need any encouragement, he was dead excited. This year, as part of their Summer Reading Challenge they are hoping to set a Guinness World Record for the ‘Most Pledges Received for a Reading Campaign.’ Anyone (over the age of 4) can take part, you set yourself a target of the number of books that you will read, (between 2 and 25) and if, by the end of August you have achieved your target you receive a certificate. Do check out the link above for more information – J is LOVING the smelly feet sticker that he got when he signed up. He has also read all 7 of the books that he borrowed already! Long may that enthusiasm for reading last, eh?!

We then headed for a walk at Hillsborough Forest Park….a family favourite for a walk around the lake, for climbing trees and for collecting pine cones in the forest. It was a lovely time. Our final stop of the day he decided was to be at Granny’s….more chocolate!

11692734_10150546446484957_7208162596117789568_n 11695791_10150546446439957_6335958923805434149_n

I had a great day with him and he seemed to really enjoy it too….I hope he’ll always look forward to a date with mum.

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