Daily Routine

I, Karen B, promise to…..

….drink more water! Yes, I know, not exactly big news, or anything terribly exciting, but something that I NEED to share on here as that somehow makes me more accountable!

It is no secret amongst my friends and family that I have a bit of a problem with Diet Coke. And when I say a bit of a problem, I mean, if I don’t drink some every day I crave it! Really crave it…have withdrawal symptoms. When you combine this with my love for coffee, you have one girl who drinks nothing else except caffeine all day ever day. No other liquid really passes my lips, bar the odd smoothie here and there and a glass of pure orange / apple juice every morning. I know, I know, that really isn’t good and for a long while I have been wanting to do something about it.

Well, yesterday I did. After a number of weeks of just not feeling great, ‘fuzzy’ heads, heart palpitations, and constant ‘highs and lows’ throughout the day, I knew enough was enough. So, as I type this, this evening, I have drank 4 litres of water since yesterday morning. And, do you know something? I feel great. Maybe it’s all in my head, but I honestly do think I feel better already. I have been peeing ALL DAY, but I’m reassured that, that will get less frequent as my body gets used to it’s new hydration.

So, for the next 4 weeks, I, Karen B promise to drink at least 2 litres of water per day and have only 1 cup of coffee / diet coke. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m hoping to see all the changes, health gurus and google tells me that I will. I hope my skin will be brighter, my head clearer, my heart more steady (!), maybe I’ll even lose a few pounds, be less bloated, who knows?! So. If you are eating your dinner or anything right now, I’d advise you to look away now. Here’s a (gross!) photo of me completely bare faced at the start of the challenge. I weigh 9lbs 4oz. My skin is dry and dull. I’ve already told you about the heart palpitations and highs and lows. Here’s hoping in 4 weeks time, I’ll be sharing some different stats!


Oh wow! Close up! Do you like the leopard print and just out of the shower look? Nice eh?! 😉

One thought on “I, Karen B, promise to…..

  1. I fill a 2 quart pitcher up and usually toss in a sliced lemon, and then just refill my cup all day long (after my morning coffee!) and I love how good it makes me feel! Here in Texas we are hitting temps over 100 F (sorry, I’m American and can’t translate that for you!) and so I have been going through the pitcher twice a day, 16 glasses of water , so I know you can do this!


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