#mysundayphoto – Back to school

Jonah and Seth

I have decided to join in with one of those blogland linky’s! I always love to see how others have selected their favourite picture of the week. This is mine! It’s not the best photo ever I know, but it is a very special one to me. While I look completely in control and happy and relaxed inside I was a wreck. I had hardly slept the night before, I spent the morning feeling all jittery and on the verge of tears and snapping at my husband (sorry honey xx).

On Thursday J started back to school – a big P2. He was so excited to be going back to see all his wee friends. He was excited to be a P2, to him it meant he could go on the ‘bigger bars’ in the playground, he was allowed to go on the swings. He was going to look after his little brother, show him the ropes. He was delighted at being a big P2 now. I was a little devastated!! I know as parents one of the best things we can do for our children is to let them go, encourage independence, but it’s tough, right?

That same morning S was starting P1. He was bouncing with joy, he couldn’t wait. He was going to big school with his big brother. He was going to learn to read books and play outside. He couldn’t get the time in quick enough. But this little boy of mine was only 4 in June – he is still my baby boy. Will he be ok? Will he have someone to play with? Surely I could just keep him at home a little while longer, no?

This photo will be one that I will always treasure, for I know it marks the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new ‘way’. I now have 2 children at Primary School….how did that happen? Oh time, could you please slow down, even a little…..


5 thoughts on “#mysundayphoto – Back to school

  1. We don’t go back to school until 8th & it’s my sons last year in the “infants” and he will move building next year which is scary!


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