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Things I’m loving lately (August)

August is practically over AND Emma’s linky is nearly finished, but I’m hoping I will make it by just the skin of my teeth!! Emma, over at Life At The Little Wood is hosting a lovely little link up about things that you’ve been loving in the past month. I really love the idea behind it, in one of her posts I remember she described it as a catch up with the girls or reading one of your favourite magazines…that sounds like fun, right? So I am excited to join in.

Without further ado, here’s what we’ve been loving in August.


A few little new things for me on this front this month. First up, a new doo! Now, ok, so I did get it cut at the end of July, but it has been the month of August really that I’ve got into the swing of having it a good 6 inches shorter. It’s so much easier to wash and dry and make look semi decent in the mornings. I’m hoping there’ll be a few less ‘hair scraped back in a messy bun/ponytail moments’ this year on the school run!


I’ve also been trying out a new tanning product this month too. I do love a bit of fake tan it has to be said – takes away a little of the ‘blue’ tinge of my very Irish skin. I think it was Emma (LATLW!) herself who recommended this, so when I saw it on offer in Sainsbury the other week, I thought I’d give it a whirl. First impressions are good, nice colour and no streaks. Will see how we go as the weeks go on, could be a new fav!



I thought here I would share some of my favourite outfits that I’ve worn this month. Cue embarrassing poses!! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

11990567_10150569632824957_4800855523098011946_n 11988549_10150569632829957_3941696784167664837_n 11953267_10150569633364957_3921057208882723998_n 11907809_10150569632834957_8814131574815116563_n 11954784_10150569633369957_1823248396146092147_n


These are L’s new boots for Autumn! We really wanted the pink patent ones, but they were completely sold out in her size. We got her convinced that these were just as fabulous and she hasn’t had them off since!


Mmmmmmm home….this one I don’t really have very much to say on this one! Can I loosely mention my rekindled love for reading this month?? I do that in my home mostly!! As a child and teenager and indeed a student I was a real bookworm. Once the little ones came along, it seemed I just couldn’t find the time. When I went to bed at night I was fast asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. This summer however, I have changed that and am carving out some time in my day to do some reading. This month I have read

I feel I need to tell you that a couple of paragraphs has TMI for me!! Just incase one of you read it and are shocked!! Lol. It is a great, easy read though, kept me interested and eager to find out what happened! I think I’m a little naïve / innocent at times!!
Haven’t started this just yet, am reading another book at the moment. My sister picked this up for me as a wee surprise, am excited to get stuck in though have heard good reports!


Now food I can do. This month, (this summer, really!) we have been all about picnics and grabbing something quick when we come back in after a long day out on day trips. I have been drinking my 2-3 litres of water every day….I set myself a challenge at the beginning of the month……and drinking only 1 – 2 cups of coffee. It has been going well and I will update you on that soon.

There have been a lot of cuppa’s in bed, just one of the perks of a wonderful husband, who is a teacher!


Cuppa’s outside at sunrise on our garden bench


And cuppa’s on the run, when we wanted to get somewhere early!


There has been these AMAZING cupcakes! It was our Holiday Bible Club this month and we had a Frozen theme. I had asked some of the ladies to bake me a few top hats / rice crispie buns for the kids….1 lady showed up with these!!!!


There has been a lovely ‘last day of the holidays’ morning tea with Granny and Auntie Laura


And farrrrrrrrrrrrrr too many of these


And that’s been the things we’ve been loving in August!

How has your August been? I’m looking forward to September now. I’m ready to light candles and snuggle under blankets, bring on boots and jumpers and less of a need to shave the old pins!! Autumn is definitely up there as my favourite season – it’s a tough call between it and Winter.

8 thoughts on “Things I’m loving lately (August)

  1. Sounds like a great month 🙂 The new hairdo looks lovely and I love those adorable red polka dot shoes! I’m shopping around for a new shoe for Lilly but can’t decide whether to get her boots or sneakers (or both) :p


  2. Ooh this had me right back in the throes of summer – lovely. Can I just say how much I adore your trousers with the little butterflies on them. I’ve been hankering after a pair like that all season but to no avail! Now I’m beginning to think autumn but today’s weather has had me fooled…xx


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