Our October Round Up!

I honestly cannot believe that it is 3rd November! This year has really flown by, and October has been no exception. It seemed to just disappear in the blink of an eye.

It was a busy month for us, with birthdays, my 2 little ones stayed in ‘full time’ at school and pre school, school Harvest services and ‘Stay and Play’ mornings and lots of beautiful afternoons in the glorious Autumn sunshine. It’s been a great month, come and have a peek!

At the beginning of the month, little L started to stay in until 1130am. I have to admit it took me a good few days to adapt to this new routine. I have discovered, ever since J started pre school, and I’ve noticed that it is a bit of a trend for me, but I have discovered that I have great difficulty in ‘letting my children go’. I struggle to leave them with other people. I really, really worry about them when I am not with them –  will they be ok? Will they fall and have some terrible injury? Will they have anyone to play with? Honestly I am terrible. No matter when or where I leave them I find myself unable to completely relax. I’m a crazy cat, right?! In the meantime, I will continue to try to distract myself with moments like this…


We enjoyed some lovely days out with friends and family.

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And had a lovely Cocktail Afternoon Tea for Mum’s birthday at Ten Square in Belfast.


I had one of those mummy wobble moments this month – J lost his first tooth…he actually lost 2 teeth this month. And gosh, it stopped me in my tracks. This little man is growing up way too fast


There was a proud as punch mummy moment for me too with our little S getting “Worker of the Week” in P1. As a teacher I gave out such awards on a regular basis, but it is only now that I have some to appreciate just how much these simple little things can mean so much to a child. He was on cloud 9 for days!


This month I have also come to fully appreciate that term, “mums taxi”. I seem to spend a large percentage of my day in the car running from one thing to the next – whether it be the school run, after school activities, church organisations, play dates, appointments…


There have been lovely events to attend in my role as a ‘blogger’. Although truth be told, I don’t really see myself as a ‘blogger’ in the real sense of the word. I feel I kind of give bloggers a bad name, they spend so much time and put so much effort into their posts and blog, that I don’t feel I deserve to be given that title! But it is lovely to get to attend such occasions and ‘pretend’ for a little while at least 😉

Emma and I went along to Malmaison in Belfast for the launch of a new brand Story Horse. It was a lovely evening and they really do have some beautiful pieces at very affordable prices.


J and I went along to McDonalds at Bloomfield Shopping Centre for a rather extraordinary morning. (You can read more in an earlier post on the blog) Have you been for your Happy Meal yet?


And just last night, I know this is a little bit of a non October moment, but I really want to share it! Last night, myself and 4 friends went along to Emma’s ‘Let’s Shop’ charity event in Avoca. It really was a great night. Emma, you are a truly gifted woman. No matter what you put your hand to, you do extremely well and to such a high standard. R.E.S.P.E.C.T lady.


October is my birthday month. And this month I felt well and truly spoilt rotten. I got some gorgeous pressies and spent time with family and friends.

But I have to make a special note of my actual birth day. Ben, my darling husband, treated me to the most fabulous day, and it was a real reminder of the importance of TIME WELL SPENT.  I felt valued and indeed celebrated as a mummy and wife and friend – my husband is truly my best friend. From a lovely relaxing morning at home to a gorgeous lunch out; to walking hand in hand around the shops (child free!) to a take away dinner for 5, I had the best day. I only have 1 photo from the day – which I guess speaks volumes about how our time was spent – spent focusing and concentrating on each other – not our phones, or housework, our jobs needing done, but time with one another.


October has been quite a month. A busy month. But if I were to choose one word to sum it up – it would have to be …


A month in which lots of special memories were made. A month to be treasured.

One thought on “Our October Round Up!

  1. Love the recap – and let me tell you, as hard as it can be to feel like a Mom Taxi, just enjoy it! Enjoy the stress and running around. I’m not saying that one day you will miss having littles in your car and calling your schedule… I’m just saying to enjoy all of that car time! 🙂


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