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Have Courage. Be Kind.

Happy New Year to you all! I can’t believe it is 2016! It’s crazy – I remember the hype over the millennium so, so clearly. It does not seem like 16 years ago. I went to a Black and Silver party in my friends barn and we all had the best craic. Life was so much less complicated back then in many ways, yet now I find myself much more confident and much more free – does that make sense?? In many ways life is the least complicated that it has ever been.

As with most people, I found myself coming over all pensive today. And last night.

How was your NYE?? Ours was Rock and Roll – in our jammies at 7pm and in bed by 10pm! BUT, like most nights, when I go to bed, that’s when I like to chat. You know – big chats, not just – have you put the bins out? Is the front door locked? chat. More like, (at 8 months pregnant and it’s 1130pm) what will we call this one, if it’s a girl? chat. Or, do you think L needs glasses, I’ve noticed her squint, chat! You know, the stuff husbands love!! Especially when you’ve sat together on the sofa all night watching rubbish on TV, but you choose that moment when they are just about to drift off to start this big, deep and meaningful chat!!

Well, that was me last night – “how would you sum up our 2015??” To be fair, hubs humoured me as best he could! Bless that man, he has a lot to put up with.

For me, 2015 can be summed up with 2 phrases – “Trust” and “Be patient”. And I have to confess, these 2 things do not come easily to me. I am a do-er. I am an organiser. A, do it myself kinda girl, cause then I know it gets done properly ; ) But this year, I learnt – I NEED to trust. I need to let go and let God. I need to wait on His timing. Because IT is perfect. Every time I tried to take things into my own hands and ‘just sort this out’, God stepped in and said, “No. Wait. Do it My way. In My time.” And each time, His was the best way. He knew. He had it in his control. Hopefully I’ll pluck up the courage to share more about this in the days to come.

It took a whole year for me to learn to Trust and To Be Patient, I’m still not fully there, but I’m getting there. And with that in mind, my mantra for 2016 is to “Have courage and Be kind“.

To be able to Trust, we have to have courage, to have patience, we need to be kind to others and indeed to ourselves. And let’s face it, our world needs a lot more people with courage – courage to stand up for what they know to be right, courage to believe in WHO they are and what they were created to be. It needs a lot more kindness too…a whole lot more kindness…..

Happy New Year to you all. May it be one filled with much joy and kindness!

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5 thoughts on “Have Courage. Be Kind.

  1. I understand your struggle with patience. Despite the times I can look back on when I know my timing would have been so wrong, I still need to re-learn the patience lesson! Hope 2016 is truly blessed x


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