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My Christmas Picks!

I know, I know, Christmas is looong over and we are all trying to make a fresh start and are looking forward to sunsets at 10pm and sleeveless tops and flip flops. But, before we get too ahead of ourselves, I wanted to record on here my favourite snaps from Christmas 2015. Our Christmas was a quiet one this year – which is quite unusual for me. Normally I am a diary filler, a planner, an organiser, someone who gets a bit jittery is there is a Christmas market on somewhere and we aren’t there! However, this year we hardly went to a single thing!! We spent almost ALL of the school holidays in our pyjamas and rarely left the house. And, do you know it was just as lovely, if not, more so! Although, no doubt next year I’ll be back to filling the calendar with all kinds of things!

A slow paced, family centred Christmas was just right for us this year. We enjoyed movies, and games and play dough and chocolate. We read stories and snuggled with blankets and I feel, just reconnected as a little family of 5.  We didn’t even take that many photos. But, as cheesy as it sounds the most important images are stored in our heads and hearts, not to be spoilt, with the intrusion of a camera. That being said, here are my Top Picks from Christmas 2015. They are not picture perfect, our house is a disaster, the backgrounds are messy. But they are us…just as you find us…the memories that were made in the chaos!











I have been wanting to make these little Santa sleighs for the past couple of years! This year Mum beat me to it! Aren’t they fab?!



And this last one, is my favourite, a real keeper! It might not bring you the same tears of laughter that it brought to Ben and I, but how we roared when we saw it! Ben’s folks were over on Boxing Day and we thought we would try to get a nice wee photograph of the pair of us, as we seem to have hardly any.


The sad part is, I don’t have an actual good one to show you now to redeem it!! Ha! Awh well, we think it sums us up quite accurately – a little bit crazy!

Christmas 2015 – you were a great one. A slow paced, lazy, family filled great one xx

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