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Save With Lynas

A couple of Saturdays ago, I got invited along to Lynas Food Outlet down in Belfast. I have to admit, that I hadn’t heard of the place until the invite came through, but once I did a little bit of research I realised there actually was a connection!

I knew of Lynas Food from my younger years – times spent with Exodus, and going on an Exodus team to Romania had indeed introduced me to the Lynas name. I just hadn’t realised that they had expanded their family run business to include 3 outlet stores in Northern Ireland : including Beflast, Coleraine and Londonderry.

The one that I was visiting opened in March 2015 and there are plans to open more in the future across the Province. On that Saturday morning, I was greeted by a lovely lady – who it turned out I also kind of knew! What is it about good old Northern Ireland eh?! She was to be my tour guide that morning, of what turned out to be a great little find, and not too far from home.

The store, “provides convenience and value for your foodservice operation and beyond“. You do not need to be a business or a large catering company to visit the store, nor do you need a special store card to gain entry. The business is open to everyone, and offers a good selection of products at affordable prices.  As we walked around the store, E.J explained how a large percentage of their stock is local produce, and that the price that you see displayed, is the final price and is inclusive of VAT – no nasty surprises at the check out.

As a growing family of 5, there is no doubt that our weekly food shop is becoming more and more expensive. There are some weeks I get to the check out and honestly have a little weep inside at the total! With Lynas there are plenty of options to help you save those pennies.  I was able to pick up 16 fresh chicken fillets, 44 fresh sausages, a bag of (delicious!) frozen chicken balls, a  4 litre tub of salted caramel ice cream and a chocolate fudge cake (to serve 18 people) for just a little more than £50. We have already enjoyed a great Chinese FakeAway for a fraction of the normal weekend treat price!

A huge thank you to Lynas for having me, we will definitely be back!

There is a great selection to help stock up your freezer!


A growing selection of gluten free products!



Large bags of pasta. (I got a little excited at the prospect of using these for messy and sensory play!)




I HAD to take a photo of this!!! Giant Strawberries on tap!!



Be sure to check them out on Facebook too!

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