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Spring has Sprung…..hopefully!

Wednesday saw the start of the Easter holidays for our boys. I was a very bad mummy and decided to start L’s Easter break a day and a half early too! Thursday was St Patrick’s Day and we decided to kick-start our holidays with a trip to Colin Glen who were hosting a special family event. It has been on our ‘To do’ list for a while now  – to visit the new Gruffalo Trail and Thursday also saw the launch of the new Fairy Glen, so it was a win win situation.

We really did have a lovely day and would highly recommend a visit for anyone with young children – The Gruffalo has been a number one contender for the bedtime story for about 5 years now and both Ben and I would challenge any of you to a recital from memory! The trail itself is fairly short, although perhaps a little steep in places for little legs – they will definitely sleep well after a visit. J, S and L all really enjoyed running along the path intrigued as to which character would be next to surprise them in the woods. They didn’t seem to notice the hills…not even wee S who wouldn’t be the most keen walker around!





It’s so true that the weather really makes it. I know there are some people, and I salute you, who don’t let the rain stop them – but I’m afraid I definitely enjoy the day more when there is at least a bit of sunshine! My mum and dad had come along with us, Ben doesn’t finish work until this Wednesday coming – boooo! We brought a picnic and after we had visited all the gorgeous little fairies in Fairy Glen we stopped off and enjoyed our first proper outdoor picnic of the year – hooray for ham sandwiches and crisps galore!


Spring 2016

I’m really hoping the dry days and sunshine sticks around for another little while – we have lots of fun days planned for the Easter break – but we kinda need the weather to be on our side as they are mostly outdoors! What about you guys, have you a list of places to go and things to do?? Please do share, we always love to get new ideas!

2 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung…..hopefully!

  1. You have inspired me Mrs as Matthew has drawn up a bucket list for our family too and we have enjoyed days out as a family! Our next trip is a day to Bangor on the train! The excitement is building!! Hope you have a lovely Easter and enjoy all your days out! Love Laura x


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