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Did someone say home?

And so August continued with those ups and downs. As friends and family and people we didn’t even know prayed and fasted we saw God move in remarkable ways. Results came back to say he didn’t have this and he didn’t have that. When they thought there were problems with his brain, then his kidneys, then his liver, then his eyes, then his ears (!!!!), every single one when scanned or tested came back completely normal. And let me tell you that was hard. Extremely hard. There were times I really wanted to punch some people in the nose! 

Doctors ARE incredible people, they really, truly are. And I could never do their job. But sometimes, I just wanted them to remember Elijah. And the family. Elijah was a little person – so much more than a diagnosis. Just leave him alone. But, I guess, because Elijah presented such unique smytoms, decisions were very ‘reactive’. So, when he didn’t pee enough one day the kidney team were sent for. And whilst, I can understand why, there were times when it was just too much. Days when I thought, “is there any part of my precious wee man that you will leave alone?!” 

And the tears came at the bedside. The distraught words of a mother, despairing at the doctors. But God always sent someone or something to remind me He was in it all. Whether it be the nurse who was on that day, and how she just dropped into conversation that she had been to Uganda and loves the place!! (For those who don’t know I LOVE UGANDA!!!!!!) and instead of pacing the corridor waiting on kidney results, we chatted about BBQ goat, and Garden city, and how amazing the people are and how adorable those little brown faces with big white teeth are.

Or the day another nurse overheard me listening to Bethel music as I despaired over news that they now needed to check his liver function. She recognised the music, put 2 and 2 together and before long we were exchanging ideas of songs and games and crafts for Sunday school…we later went on to plan the first ‘Light party’ in her church that Halloween!!! God is good!

And so every test they sent off, every scan that they did. God gave us the result we so desired – it was clear. The last test that they wanted to do was a muscle biopsy but we had to give permission for that. Well, dear help that junior doctor that day. At least now every other interview he ever faces again will seem like a breeze 😉

So, we agreed to go ahead with the muscle biopsy. And as consultants and surgeons had ‘discussions’ over what was the best way for that to be done, because as we all know Elijah would have to break a few rules as to what was the norm, a date was set for mid August. 

All went extremely well – even better than we could have hoped. We were told the results from that would take at least 3 months, but we didn’t have to stay in hospital until those results came back. Elijah was doing well – he was feeding well, putting on weight, and was not receiving any care in the hospital that we couldn’t do at home!

Praise God – home was in our vocab!! 

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