What’s that all about? It’s the hashtag Children’s Heartbeat Trust are using as part of their new campaign to raise awareness about Congenital Heart Disease here in Northern Ireland.

And I really love it! I love the idea and thought behind it. I love what it stands for, what it represents. I love the image that it conjures up. When you find out that your little one has a heart condition, you need to know that everyone you know is fighting for and with your child. You need to know that everyone in the hospital is fighting for and with your child. Your child needs to know that we are #inyourcorner.

From the very second we met our little Elijah we were in his corner, there was no doubting that, there was no denying that. It was a given. We have always been fighting for him and with him, and we will continue that fight by raising awareness.  I don’t believe for one second that Elijah, ‘lost his fight’ with a heart condition.


It kinda bothers me sometimes that this is how it is described when someone dies from …. well, almost any horrible illness or disease – you hear it said, ‘they lost their fight’.  But for me, I prefer to think – Elijah’s battle was over.  He fought hard. He was a tough wee spud. But he didn’t loose. The battle was over.  And he was victorious!

For us, as a family, we will always keep fighting in our wee Elijah’s memory.  It’s something that helps us keep honoring him.  It’s something that helps us feel like we are able to physically do something for Elijah, when he is no longer here.  And it helps us to be #inyourcorner for the other little ones whom we met through Clark Clinic and indeed at the hospital.

Every year, approx 200 children are born in Northern Ireland with congenital heart disease. EVERY. YEAR.

As you may be aware we are having a special BIRTHDAY BRUNCH on 23rd June in Drumbo Church Hall from 10am – 1 pm. Elijah would be turning 2 years old on 20th June, and as a way of honouring and celebrating him we are having this special fundraiser to support the work of Children’s Heartbeat Trust.  There will be pastries and scones and brunch and yoghurts and other lovely brunch items …… please come along! We’d love to see you there ….. not only is it a chance to donate a little something to a great charity, but it will also be a chance for me to meet some of you guys, give you a big hug and say thank you for following us on this journey!

If you would like to come along, please register a ticket here.  Donations can be made on the day at the door on the way in 🙂

We are also having a raffle to help raise funds! Tickets are £1 and there are some fabulous prizes up for grabs! Check out the list below …….

Voucher for ‘Woven’, Banbridge £50

Unicorn and H&W prints

Avon hamper

JanMary Designs necklace

White Chalk Studio Bee Print

A wooden plaque from ‘Once Upon a Dandelion’

A Tropic skincare basket of £120 worth of goodies

A voucher for ‘Letters Made Loveable’ £25

A voucher for Effortless Beauty in Waringston

A £25 voucher for Florrie & Will, Dromore.

A £25 for some pampering at Cloud 9, Beauty Lisburn.

A family voucher for Jump Box, Banbridge.

And 2 other hampers of goodies!

If you would like to buy a ticket for the raffle, you can do so here!

We would love to raise as much money as possible in memory of our precious wee man.  Children’s Heartbeat Trust do an AMAZING work supporting not only the work that goes on in the hospital and on the ward, but also in supporting families. You can read more about what they do here.

Please come along to the brunch – like I said – I’d love to meet you, give you all a squeeze to say thank you, and remind you to – BE BRAVE xx


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