A new chapter …

July 2013 was when I started this little blog. 5 years ago a few friends encouraged me to start a blog about the things that we were getting up to as a wee family – I was at home with our 3 little ones. At that stage they were 3 years old, 2 years old and 1 year old, and honestly, it was tough going some days. We had only 1 car and so most of my days were spent at home, entertaining them and caring for them as best that I could.

There were paints, and water, and play dough and sand and all sorts ….. I loved it.  I truly loved it.  I was in my happy place.  Sure, some days were hard going – the days when molars were breaking through, when there was just too much boke or poo for one person to handle, or when the crying just seemed to be non stop all day.  But looking back they were truly some of the very best days of my life.

I’m so glad that I have this little space where all of it is recorded – the good, the bad and the mundane: but all of it precious.  For 8 years (5 of them on here), I was a ‘stay at home mummy’ and I know that I am honoured and blessed to have had those years.

I had no idea where this blog would go, or how God would use it, or the opportunities it would bring.  But I am truly thankful.

I am so, so, so thankful for the people it has introduced me to both on here and also then to actually get to meet and now call friends. I am so grateful for the people who have, and I hate this word, but for the people who have ‘journeyed’ (cringe!!!) with us through it all.

I love this wee blog and will always treasure it, but I feel that it is time for me to close this chapter in our story.  It just feels right.

Come January 2019, God willing, I will be taking up post as Principal in a beautiful nursery school. I am excited –  soooo excited. I share this in the hope that it encourages someone out there to know – life truly is made up of seasons.

Trust God.  He knows the way. He always has a plan.  He always has purpose.

Embrace your place – wherever that may be for now. Choose to embrace the place that you have been called to be – for such a time as this.

So – thank you for all the love and support that you have shown to us as a family. This will always be a significant chapter in our story and you guys are a part of that.

Thank you!

With much love,

Karen, Ben, Jonah, Seth and Leah …..

and of course, our precious wee Elijah xx

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4 thoughts on “A new chapter …

  1. Gosh, I can remember when I first started to follow your blog way back in 2013 when I had 2 little ones at home with me. Your daily activities were fab & really motivated me! especially loved the meal plans you had done a couple of times- seems like such a long time ago now!!
    sadly in the years to come I shared in what you had written about your precious Elijah, I could not begin to imagine the pain you have gone through as a family but what a fab lady you are sharing and using Elijahs story to help so many others- amazing! I truly wish you every blessing as you begin the next chapter and what a lucky school gaining you as headmistress!!x

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  2. I have loved reading your blog Karen – thank you for being so brave and open to letting us follow your journey through the hardest of times – you will never know how many people have been touched by that. So many congrats on your new role – very excited for you and the influence you will have on so many little lives. After 15 years (!) of being a SAHM, my youngest is starting pre pre school this year and I am also excited to see what God has for me to do (I am hoping it will involve lots of coffee drinking to begin with!)

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