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Drink. More. Water.

A month ago today I decided to drink more water. Since then I have tried really hard to drink at least 2 litres of water per day and only have 2 cups of caffeinated drinks. And have I noticed a difference?? Absolutely!! Honestly, even I am shocked. I have to admit to be a little… Continue reading Drink. More. Water.

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Things I’m loving lately (August)

August is practically over AND Emma’s linky┬áis nearly finished, but I’m hoping I will make it by just the skin of my teeth!! Emma, over at Life At The Little Wood is hosting a lovely little link up about things that you’ve been loving in the past month. I really love the idea behind it,… Continue reading Things I’m loving lately (August)


The Foxy Boxy!

Gosh, isn’t it roasting?! It really is true what they say, everything is so much better when the sun shines! We have been really enjoying the sun and heat today and I am sitting here stuffed after a yummy BBQ. I just wanted to take a quick 5 minutes to share with you a new… Continue reading The Foxy Boxy!