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All a bit surreal…but also much too real.

The hardest part of it all up until this point was not getting skin to skin with Elijah when he was born, and to this day is something which always brings a tear when I think of it. I found that so incredibly difficult. I just wanted to hold him, to feel him, to let… Continue reading All a bit surreal…but also much too real.


When people are put in your path.

At that point, (if you’re just reading for the first time you need to see the previous 2 posts!!) the tears started. Silent tears ran down my cheeks – I didn’t want Ben to know how disappointed I was. The thing is, I’m not a cry-er. If I cry Ben knows things are bad. But,… Continue reading When people are put in your path.

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A birth story #3

It’s kind of hard to know where to begin my 3rd birth story. You see, Bubba #3 was due around 3rd / 5th June 2012 according to doctors and scans, according to┬áMY dates bubba #3 was due 11th June – Seth’s birthday. Bubba #3’s labour started and stopped from 21st May and then finally she… Continue reading A birth story #3