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Drink. More. Water.

A month ago today I decided to drink more water. Since then I have tried really hard to drink at least 2 litres of water per day and only have 2 cups of caffeinated drinks. And have I noticed a difference?? Absolutely!! Honestly, even I am shocked. I have to admit to be a little… Continue reading Drink. More. Water.

Daily Routine

I, Karen B, promise to…..

….drink more water! Yes, I know, not exactly big news, or anything terribly exciting, but something that I NEED to share on here as that somehow makes me more accountable! It is no secret amongst my friends and family that I have a bit of a problem with Diet Coke. And when I say a… Continue reading I, Karen B, promise to…..

Family life

It was then that I carried you.

As we say, ‘so long’ to September and ‘let’s be having ya’ to October I feel the need to sit down, relax, take a few deep breaths and let out a great big *sigh*. What a month it has been – with some highs and some, not lows, but some really tough moments. We have… Continue reading It was then that I carried you.


Mummy knows best.

Tonight I’m feeling – emotional, relieved, drained, frustrated, blessed, happy, nervous, anxious….you see I’ve been worrying about my little S since he was about 9 months old, and yet, it was only today at 36 months I got some answers. When S was 9 months old he took a really bad chest infection which then… Continue reading Mummy knows best.