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Coffee dates, family moments and a new revelation!

Hard to believe it’s 6th May – this year just seems to be whizzing by! Another 8 weeks and we’ll all be off for the summer holidays : preparing for P1 and pre school and a year with ‘just one’! Scary, exciting and emotional times ahead!

This past weekend saw ‘Date day’ for L and me, we started off with coffee at a friends house for raising funds for her mission team in the summer…..





then we headed into town for some shopping and lunch….


She picked out some hair bobbles and clips and a new nail varnish!!!


Also, this weekend we had a family lunch out to celebrate a 65th Birthday, a trip to the cinema for the boys and another spot of one on one time for L as we headed to Ikea.


A necessary snack to fit in some plane spotting!!

Now, what is it about Ikea?? I thought I would call in for a photo frame for J’s pre school photo and left with a small collection of glass!


Am hoping this encourages my new ‘juice’ habit and makes kale / spinach / carrot concoctions taste Amaze balls!


Couldn’t leave those little cuties behind!!!


Something to store my new juices in! And some latte glasses for my new coffee machine!


This little guy got brought home too. L has named him Mr. Rabbit! Although I think he might be a mouse?!

Oh and not to forget what we actually went for……


J’s new picture frame. I also spotted this bright frame and knew I had the perfect photo of my 2 boyos for it ……



On a different note, things have cleared a little in my head. I feel ‘lifted’ – refocused. Hard to explain. I no longer feel just as drained as I did, (maybe the iron tabs are kicking in already?!) the panic attacks are getting less frequent, I think I’m probably laughing more too! I am choosing to ’embrace my place’. I’ve come to realise and accept that I’m still learning every day what this mummy thing involves. And right now – it’s about embracing my place. CHOOSING to be thankful for 697 questions per hour. CHOOSING to smile at the purple paint handprint on my cream kitchen cupboard. Embracing the moments of stories on the sofa and picnics in the hall. Embracing the chats over lunch about pre-school life and Minnie and Mickey’s morning antics.  Because let’s face it, the days can be long, but the years are so very short.



Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #2

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