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A time for everything.

It has been almost exactly one month since I last blogged – one month, bar one day. I didn’t intend for it to be so long, life just kind of got in the way. September has been busy with so many new ‘things’ and routines; a new chapter for us as a family. And while… Continue reading A time for everything.


Mummy knows best.

Tonight I’m feeling – emotional, relieved, drained, frustrated, blessed, happy, nervous, anxious….you see I’ve been worrying about my little S since he was about 9 months old, and yet, it was only today at 36 months I got some answers. When S was 9 months old he took a really bad chest infection which then… Continue reading Mummy knows best.

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A birth story #2.

The story of my little second born. My pregnancy with S had been totally different from J.  I was a lot more uncomfortable, got lots more aches and pains so when the beginning of June came I was ready to have this baby 🙂 I was kind of hoping that I would go early but… Continue reading A birth story #2.


Definitely getting older…..

This week has seen our annual Holiday Bible Club, of which I have the joy of being in charge! And I really mean that, it is a joy….at times stressful….but definitely a joy. I have a wonderful team of helpers and a great God, who despite our failings and short comings still blesses us and… Continue reading Definitely getting older…..


Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #3

Hey y’all! Kids are sleeping, basket of ironing is eyeballing me and the laptop has won!! Here’s some of what I’ve been rocking this week…… Last Saturday we went to the Festival of Flight in Newcastle, it was a really fantastic day out! The highlight was definitely the Red Arrows! They were just brilliant. The inspiration… Continue reading Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #3


The joys of being able to pee alone……

At the weekend I got to spend 32 HOURS all by myself – well I was with a friend but, you know what I mean, 32 hours without having to be “mummy, mummy, muuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy”!!!!! And I have to say it was a kind of bitter-sweet time! You see, since J was born I have never been away… Continue reading The joys of being able to pee alone……