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A time for everything.

It has been almost exactly one month since I last blogged – one month, bar one day. I didn’t intend for it to be so long, life just kind of got in the way. September has been busy with so many new ‘things’ and routines; a new chapter for us as a family. And while… Continue reading A time for everything.

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A Writing Station.

Now, if the title of this post didn’t grab ya I don’t know what would?! We woke up this morning to the most beautiful blanket of fluffy white snow. Hubster’s school was closed, J’s wasn’t. Everyone seemed happy enough though, Daddy was able to walk J to school while Mummy, S and L got to… Continue reading A Writing Station.

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Splish, splash, splosh!

Evening folks. *Looooooooooooooooong exhale* Monday evening, kids are in bed, time to chill – a little! Need to try to get the washing machine going again – I think a sock or something has got stuck, need to mop the kitchen floor – I spilled and squashed a tub of VERY soft blueberries, and I… Continue reading Splish, splash, splosh!

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A day in the life of Mrs. Making Memories!

I get lots of messages and emails asking me what a typical day looks like for me….so here we go, here’s a very simple, ‘Day in the life of Mrs.Making Memories!! Trust me, it ain’t that exciting!! 620am – Alarm goes. Washed and dressed. 630am – Up to kitchen, kettle on, maybe a wash on/empty… Continue reading A day in the life of Mrs. Making Memories!

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Digging for treasure!

Sometimes being a mum who has been (and hopefully one day will be again!!) a teacher can be something of a bad thing!! There’s something inside you that is always a teacher, whether it be making sure everyone’s been to the toilet/got their coats/picked a partner┬ábefore leaving on a trip, (including husband!) doing a mini… Continue reading Digging for treasure!