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Easter Fuzzy Felt

On Saturday J, S and L all had a nap – J was exhausted from the BB display the night before, poor S had a virus and L…well L, just loves a wee snuggle in her bed with Minnie and the gang. Ben was outside working on his wee trees and I came over all… Continue reading Easter Fuzzy Felt

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Who thought it would be such a hit?!

This week we’ve been doing a few play activities with a hidden intention of learning our colours for S and L. This particular one from yesterday was a BIG HIT, all 3 of the kids LOVED it and have been playing with it again today. It was so simple but so effective and provided lots of opportunity… Continue reading Who thought it would be such a hit?!

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A day in the life……….highlights!

Good Afternoon everyone! (Saying that takes me right back to 3pm in school and a classroom full of pupils desperate for the bell to go and for me to say those magic words!!) I can’t believe it is Friday already! This week has just flown by! And I had great intentions of doing “A day… Continue reading A day in the life……….highlights!