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Coffee dates, family moments and a new revelation!

Hard to believe it’s 6th May – this year just seems to be whizzing by! Another 8 weeks and we’ll all be off for the summer holidays : preparing for P1 and pre school and a year with ‘just one’! Scary, exciting and emotional times ahead!

This past weekend saw ‘Date day’ for L and me, we started off with coffee at a friends house for raising funds for her mission team in the summer…..





then we headed into town for some shopping and lunch….


She picked out some hair bobbles and clips and a new nail varnish!!!


Also, this weekend we had a family lunch out to celebrate a 65th Birthday, a trip to the cinema for the boys and another spot of one on one time for L as we headed to Ikea.


A necessary snack to fit in some plane spotting!!

Now, what is it about Ikea?? I thought I would call in for a photo frame for J’s pre school photo and left with a small collection of glass!


Am hoping this encourages my new ‘juice’ habit and makes kale / spinach / carrot concoctions taste Amaze balls!


Couldn’t leave those little cuties behind!!!


Something to store my new juices in! And some latte glasses for my new coffee machine!


This little guy got brought home too. L has named him Mr. Rabbit! Although I think he might be a mouse?!

Oh and not to forget what we actually went for……


J’s new picture frame. I also spotted this bright frame and knew I had the perfect photo of my 2 boyos for it ……



On a different note, things have cleared a little in my head. I feel ‘lifted’ – refocused. Hard to explain. I no longer feel just as drained as I did, (maybe the iron tabs are kicking in already?!) the panic attacks are getting less frequent, I think I’m probably laughing more too! I am choosing to ’embrace my place’. I’ve come to realise and accept that I’m still learning every day what this mummy thing involves. And right now – it’s about embracing my place. CHOOSING to be thankful for 697 questions per hour. CHOOSING to smile at the purple paint handprint on my cream kitchen cupboard. Embracing the moments of stories on the sofa and picnics in the hall. Embracing the chats over lunch about pre-school life and Minnie and Mickey’s morning antics.  Because let’s face it, the days can be long, but the years are so very short.



Having a grump….

Urgh. I am having one of those days where I think, ‘please just let me do THIS’. I am going to have a little rant right now and then later, think I didn’t really mean that. But some days I JUST want to

1. Get up when I want.

2. Go to the toilet without any interruptions – no one shouting, “mummy where are you? mummy I need my breakfast, mummy where’d you go? Nice pants mummy……

3. Eat ALL my toast….I’d like a day where I didn’t have to share it….I know it sounds crazy and selfish and why on earth would that annoy you, but sometimes it does. Like they have their own toast, why mine? There’s has peanut butter too!

4. Drink a full cup of hot coffee.

5. Only have to say sentences once.

6.  Shower and get dressed with no spectators.

7. Watch TV ALL day….whilst drinking that HOT coffee.

8. Not step on a toy – that can REALLY hurt.

9. Talk to hubster about his day my day without fighting for his attention.

10. Eat my lunch / dinner while it is still hot and all in one go.

I could probably go on, but I won’t…..I’m just having one of those days………….



Gosh, isn’t it amazing how God works?!  Around the 2nd week of December I really felt God saying to me – slow down, take a step back, embrace the REAL reason behind this most glorious season, make sure there is enough room in your inn, and most of all I felt him remind me – IMMANUEL – God with us. And wow, have I experienced GOD WITH US this month in so, so many ways. I feel like I could write a LOT here this evening, so I’ll try not to, no promises though 😉  I don’t want to bore you all to pieces but I do want to send you some hope, some peace, some joy, and just a little reminder that GOD IS WITH US in EVERY SITUATION.

So, where to begin….ok, so, on 14th December poor Granny got taken into hospital with a severe chest infection, Granny suffers from a bad heart and is coming 84 so all of this is not a good combination. Her temperature was very high for a week and was very hard to regulate. However, many prayers were answered and God was indeed with her and Granny made a good recovery. She got moved to a rehabilitation unit just before Christmas Day which was great and we were able to go and spend some time with her. She continued to make great progress and got home yesterday 🙂 As I look back on that time for Granny, and the strength that the family got, I know GOD WAS WITH US.

As a family of 5 we had a really lovely Christmas Eve and day. It was very peaceful and calm and relaxed and a real sense of God’s presence in our home. The hubster and I were chatting on Boxing Day about what a lovely time that we had had and how we both were very aware of GOD WITH US. I’m sure you can imagine the joy/wonder/excitement/madness/craziness of Christmas with a 3.5 year old, 2.5 year old and 1.5 year old!!!!!!!!!!

Also, last weekend our church had a special room set up for 48 hours of prayer. I went on the Friday evening and the Saturday evening and on both occasions felt God’s presence in a very special way. I just LOVE the way God makes divine appointments for us, and we aren’t even aware. I took a completely random decision to go to the prayer room on the Friday evening _ I hadn’t planned too….but when the kids were in bed, I just decided I’d go…hadn’t said to hub….came into kitchen and he said to me – “why don’t you take yourself off to the prayer room”….so, off I went. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I ended up being there with the most lovely, Godly lady from our church for 3 hours. She prayed with me about an issue that I have been having for around 8 years now, (maybe more on that another time!!!!) and I felt a real burden had been lifted off my shoulders. I came home with such peace. I also went along on the Saturday evening for a time of prayer and praise and was just so, so aware of GOD WITH US – it was very special. Little did I know that some of the songs that I would be singing on the Saturday night with such joy, would be the same songs that I would be singing on Monday with such despair and longing!

So then, on Sunday things took a bit of a turn. My little S (2.5 year old) was not well. He had had a temperature and cough since Friday lunch time, but I had thought it was just ‘the normal’ time of year cold. However on Sunday I just knew he wasn’t well…….I love how God had given us that gift….just mothers instinct. So I took him to our  “Out of hours”…..she had a wee look at him and said he had croup and that his wee chest was “rattling all over” and sent us home with a steroid. But I just knew, there was something more. So, I rang for an emergency appointment at our doctors on the Monday morning – so off me and little S went. Long story short – He sent us straight to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast….with suspected pneumonia. Monday was a LOOOOONNNNG day. We got seen straight away in A&E with the help of our Drs letter and then also S’s stats being so bad, it was just the waiting around to see if nebulisers were going to be enough….waiting then for a bed on the ward…… that made it feel very long! While it was a very stressful and upsetting time, it was also a very special time – just me and him and all the cuddling time in the world. Time to tell him how special he was and how much I loved him – over and over again. Time to read stories and sing songs and have some mummy/son chats.  GOD WAS WITH US. And I was very aware of GOD helping me and being right there WITH ME as the ‘issue’ I was talking about earlier was panic attacks/anxiety….normally a day like Monday would have had me in major panic/anxiety….hospital/on my own/tiny closed spaces/darkness/sickbaby/…..but I was OK. I got a strength that was not my own. And not one feeling of panic came over me! Now that is really something, as sometimes a lift is enough to set me off!

S was admitted into hospital Monday teatime with croup, ear infection, tonsillitis and an infection in his lung. He needed constant oxygen to help him breathe and was on the nebuliser every 2 hours to clear his chest.  He was a very sick little man. BUT our God is a great big God and I am so thankful to friends and family for all their love, support and most of all their prayers. S made a fab recovery and got home today (Wednesday) lunchtime!!!!!!!!!!

The time that we spent in hospital was tough, really tough. But again, as a family, we were so, so aware that GOD IS WITH US.  As parents, when your child is unwell, your heart gets very heavy.  You pray with a desperation that you have never known before. I spent the days with him, while his Daddy was with out other 2. Then Daddy came and slept in the hospital with S while I went home and stayed with J and L.  J and L missed their brother like crazy for those 2.5 days….they were praying for him to get well soon and come home to play. They talked about him constantly, wondering what he was up to, what was he doing, what was he eating, who was he playing with…..that brother/sister bond is a strong one too!

So as we welcomed 2014 we welcomed it with great joy and peace knowing that no matter what this year will bring our GOD IS WITH US, and with that knowledge we welcome it with open arms!

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Plans and schedules!

Evening folks – hard to believe it is Friday already! The weeks are really beginning to fly by! This morning while J was at pre school, me and S and L took ourselves off to Sprucefield for a wee browse and also for the Macmillan Cancer Coffee Morning at Marks and Spencers and it has to be said we have a lovely wee morning – have had to keep it pretty hush mind you – J would not appreciate missing out on that wee treat! While we were there I also managed to pick up some Christmas presents for them – Boots have got their good old ‘3 for 2’ offers on, so I managed to pick up some lego and duplo – was a great wee bargain! L is getting to the stage where she just will not tolerate sitting in the buggy for long….she wants out to walk around….she wants out to look the toys…..hooray for raisins is all I can say!

This afternoon while the kiddos napped I made out my monthly meal planner for October….I have to say I am finding having a monthly planner so helpful – it helps me be more organised, less stressed AND I am saving money! I am also in the middle of fine tuning my cleaning routine! It has to be said I am not really into having a really clean house, I have some friends whose houses are always SO clean….they really put me to shame….I’m kind of a ‘the bare minimum’ sorta girl when it comes to cleaning the house! BUT, I also don’t like things to get too out of hand – so, I have a cleaning schedule which I find manageable!

Anyways, here’s my meal plan for October, hope someone out there finds it helpful….

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 Beef enchiladas Chicken Curry (left overs from last month!) Quiche and salad Sausage and root veg bake with honey orange dressing Cheesy mince baked potatoes Asia salmon fillet Roast Chicken dinner.

Eton Mess

Week 2 Chicken and broccoli bake (using left over chicken from yesterday) Beef and root veg stew Creamy bacon and mushroom pasta, crusty bread. Lemon chicken. Beef wellington, cabbage and mash. Homemade fish goujons and wedges Pork chops, apple sauce, mash, roasts and veg.

Vanilla raspberry cheesecake

Week 3 Chicken cacciatore BBQ chicken and chorizo salad Baked cod wrapped in bacon with rosemary. Beef and ale pie. Griddled lamb chops and chunky homemade salsa. Marmalade glazed sausage baps Roast Beef dinner.


Week 4 Mini shell pasta with creamy smoked bacon and pea sauce Normandy chicken Homemade pizza and wedges. Twice baked potatoes. Chicken fajitas Beef and stilton mini pies and chips Salmon with green beans and pesto, baby potatoes and roasted veg.
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Heat, tears and cookies!

Hooray for YouTube! The boiler is fixed!!!! Hubster got on it! Tuesday evening – he futtered (not a real word, but the only word that truly describes what he did!!) and tried things, watched some clips on YouTube and whoop we had heat again! Just in time for the lovely Mandy coming over for a cuppa and catch up! Thankfully I didn’t have to give her the hot water bottle and blanket that I had on stand by – nothing as bad as someone coming to your house and sitting freezing! But, no, my wonderful better half got it sorted 🙂 There are times I really do wonder what we did before t’internet came on the scene!

J is getting on well at pre school….we had a wee wobble on Monday morning – he cried – I came home and cried. Being on the other side sure ain’t fun. I remember very well telling so many mummies – “they’ll be fine as soon as you go”, “don’t worry they’ll be ok” etc. but, boys a dear, when you are on the receiving end of it – it’s all you can do but punch them in the face and tell them, “he’s not ok, he’s crying, he wants to come home with me, why are you being so cold-hearted, just let me scoop him up in MY arms and take him home”. So, yip Monday he cried saying, “I don’t want to go here”. I left, came home again with L and S….and cried. I worried about the full 2 hours he was there….we made play dough …… more to distract me than L and S if I’m honest and read LOTS of books. Finally it was time to go get him, and what do ya know, he came running out, all excited and happy and claiming he had a brilliant day!!!!! So, yes, he HAD been fine, the crying DID stop as soon as I had left and he LOVED it!!! AND he hasn’t looked back since! *sigh* this mum stuff is tough. If I ever go back to teaching I will now understand more fully the importance of maybe a wee phone call at break time to let mums know, “they are fine and having a ball” 🙂 at least then mum can get on with the rest of her day!!!!!!!!!

This week we’ve been out every day – not at anything really exciting – more things that needed doing! Today we made some cookies. We had been in town yesterday and bought that new Disney baking magazine. If you know S, you will know he carries around a Mickey Mouse ALL. THE. TIME. He LOVES him. So we HAD to buy this magazine – you got a cookie cutter free – in the shape of Mickey!!!! I also had wanted to make some Autumn Leaf cookies with the kids too, so 2 birds 1 stone kinda activity today.  I had made the cookie dough last night, as it needs to be in the fridge for at least an hour before you use it, so I knew J,S and L would not have the patience to wait – they were VERY EXCITED about making Mickey cookies.

They rolled out the dough and got stuck in





I REALLY WANT TO MAKE SOME BY MYSELF AND HAVE THEM ALL NICELY DECORATED. It required a LOT of self-control to let them loose on the decorating! Lol!

Then we made some Autumn leaves…….I had seen some different ideas on Pinterest, but ended up used my faithful cookie recipe and some Christmas cookie cutters! They did the job – with some Autumn coloured icing, who’s to say they’re not Autumn leaves/trees 😉

DSCN4111       DSCN4112


Again, I am TOTALLY going to make a wee batch of my own when they are sleeping, so I can make them look a little less ‘child’ like!!! Am I bad?! They are SO proud of their creations, even little L had a good try at spooning the icing onto her little cookies! What a great way to practice some fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination too 😉